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All About The Garter

Garters are often viewed as a sexy component of a lingerie outfit, solely for either the bedroom or for a wedding. But did you ever wonder what the original purpose of a garter was? It’s viewed as an accessory to many, but they actually serve a practical purpose. We love garters on #ShopNTL and have quite a few options for gorgeous, sexy, lacy garter belts, so we want to explore what a garter is and where it came from.

Keyhole Lace Garter Belt by Montelle Intimates

Keyhole Lace Garter Belt by Montelle Intimates

Garters were originally designed for exactly what you might think: to hold up stockings. It used to be customary for women to wear stockings daily, so in order to prevent them from slipping, a garter belt would fasten to the stocking and keep them secure. In the 40s, when fashion decided to begin transforming the garter belt, additions were made to take this garment to new heights. Pockets would be inserted for women to conceal or carry their valuables.

Opulent Essence Garter Belt by Triumph Lingerie

Opulent Essence Garter Belt by Triumph Lingerie

So why did garters because such a prominent wedding tradition, one that’s commonly practiced today? It actually has some perhaps unexpected origins. From what we’ve discovered, the garter belt wedding tradition can be traced back as far as the Dark Ages, which is argued to have been roughly from the 5th century to the 10th. Once a happy couple was married, it was common for guests to escort the couple to their wedding night chambers. The purpose was to make sure they got where they needed to be safely and so everyone could wish them the best before the end of the night. As a gesture of good luck, the bride would give the garter away. Sometimes, guests would even rip the garter off of the bride and toss it, and whoever caught it was considered to be lucky. It’s clear that that’s where the garter toss that’s commonly done now came from!


Beautiful Bride Bra Set by Dreamgirl Lingerie

Now, garters still serve their original purpose in holding up stockings or thigh-high stockings, but are more of a fun accessory for a romantic evening than they are a part of a woman’s wardrobe. They are so effortlessly sexy that are reminiscent of the history of lingerie, and are a great way to spice up your lingerie drawer!

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