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You know your bra size, so you can just grab any bra in your size and go right?

Well, not exactly. Some bra styles may flatter and support your breasts beautifully, but some may actually do less for you than you might like.

So read this, take a look in the mirror to determine how your own bust is shaped, and then shop away! We’re breaking down some of the most popular bra styles and features and what types of breasts they support best.

The Balconette Bra

To determine what a balconette bra is, consider how a balcony lies straight across an apartment. The balconette bra does a similar thing along the breasts. Some balconette may rise a little bit higher near the straps to offer some more lift and support.

The balconette looks lovely for almost all breast shapes, as it enhances cleavage nicely and creates it for those who may not be packing a lot of weight in their bust. Women with wider set breasts would benefit from a balconette bra, as the straps are often wider set and the cups are wider, allowing for more of your breast to be encapsulated in the cup. Women with side heavy breasts may find that their breasts spill out of the cups on the sides.

The Plunge Bra

Even though you might think a plunge bra is designed for low cut tops, it can do so much more for you.

For a smaller breast, a plunge bra can really lock in and lift up what you do have there and make it appear fuller, meaning you’ll fill out your low cut clothes a little bit more. The straps are also narrower, so if you have a narrow body type, the plunge bra will fit all over much more comfortably.

A bottom or top heavy breast would not be distributed well in a plunge bra, meaning they might not sit as perky as desired.

The Triangle Bra

The triangle bra is fairly self explanatory – the cups are triangular rather than circular or crescent-like.

There’s a myth that women with bigger breasts can’t pull of a triangle bra, but it’s not true. She would just want to look for one that has some coverage and underwire. If you have a narrower breast, or your breasts are fairly even in their shape, a triangle bra could suit you well. If you are top heavy or side heavy, you definitely want to avoid a triangle shaped cup as it won’t cover your breast properly.

The Moderate Coverage Bra

What exactly is moderate coverage?

It means the cups capture up most of the breast, with a little hint of skin, usually at the top, to show a little bit of cleavage. It’s a sexy, universally flattering style that pretty much any woman can wear. From big breasts to small, you’ve got it girl! Most t-shirt bras are moderate coverage, and those are definitely an essential every woman should have.

The Full Cup Bra

For most big-breasted women, the full cup bra can be quite flattering, and gives her the real support she needs to get her through the day.

They definitely aren’t boring though! Some styles will still show a hint of cleavage, but have enough cup space to form against the entire breast. It really doesn’t matter where the weight is distributed in the bust, as most of these bras have enough structure to even it out. A smaller breast will just drown in all the fabric.

Seamed Cup Bras

When you hear seamless, you probably immediately think of something that disappears under clothes. Don’t worry – these bras will too, but they pack a lot of power in their seams.

The seams are seen within the cups, and essentially offer intensified support and shaping to help all types of breasts appear fuller and more perky. If you have drooping breasts, settled breasts, or uneven breasts, these types of bras will work wonders for you.

A little trick to know if your bra has seams is to look at it; often times, you can see them on the inside or outside of your cups.

Once you know what style suits you, there are a couple more things you should know.

Don’t be fooled by something being your bra size! For example, one brand’s 36C may not fit the same as another brand’s 36C. So be sure to learn where the brand makes their lingerie, read reviews, look at size charts, and try on! Be sure to know return policies as well.

Some of you may also find that the underwires vary depending on bra styles. If you can’t make it work, there are wireless bras that will not sacrifice support, but will be much more comfortable for you.

Those are just a few of the bra styles that exist! Let us know if you have any other questions about what bra style might work for you. Leave a comment; our Bra Doctor always checks them.

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  • Clarissa Jake

    Wow! I had 1 question about my bra size and after reading I received answers to questions I didn’t know needed answering. But I do have a real issue… The bras u feature r beautiful and I’m sure great but I don’t have much. The last bra I purchased cost $12 and that was all I could afford. I hand wash them but they don’t last. I was homeless for over 2yrs and getting back on my feet hasn’t been easy (to say the least). Is there a brand that even I could afford that u would recommend? Especially for larger size cups, I think I may need to increase my cup size but Ive never seen a cup size bigger than dd at Walmart and I need something that will last. I wear bras until it’s physically not possible to wear anymore. Is there something I can do to make them last longer? I do understand name brand does come with quality but attached but I just do not have the means. Any advice will be extremely helpful. I just want find more comfort within myself and for myself. Thank you

  • admin

    Hello Clarissa!

    Thank you for your comment. It sounds like you are doing what you can to take care of the bras you have. We do have a sale section that’s updated quite frequently, and we have different promotions that may help you snag up a great deal. ( We also recommend signing up for our newsletter so you know when sales start! (

    We hope this helps! Please feel free to comment again or ask our Bra Doctor if we can help you any further! (

    – The NTL Team

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