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We’re sure you’ve heard the statistic so many times: 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. While we know that’s fairly true, there are more problems with your relationship with lingerie than just not wearing the right size. On the Bra Doctor blog, #ShopNTL has made it a mission to educate women on all things lingerie by making information easy to understand and accessible. So when we read information like a recent release on Rigby & Teller with shocking revelations on how women feel about lingerie, we feel compelled to try and address some of the issues women have and try to solve them. So with some lingerie recommendations and some blog post recommendations, we’re hoping to fix your relationship with lingerie and help you embrace it for how lovely it can be.

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A short disclaimer before we begin: we are relating to the Rigby & Teller information, which we know focuses on U.S. Women. However, we know through outreach and experience that these facts can relate to women outside of the U.S. and so we are addressing all women in this post.

We probably all have one favourite bra; it’s comfortable, easy to wear, goes with everything, and is super cute. That’s totally fine, but it doesn’t mean it should be worn every day! Chances are there are more bras out there that could be just as comfortable and more versatile than that one trusty bra. Also, consider how dirty that bra could be if you’re wearing it every day! So we can recommend two things to you so that you don’t only have one bra you love. The first is that when you find that perfect bra, buy more than one. That way you’re still circulating your collection and aren’t out of luck when it’s time to wash your bra. The second is to learn about which few styles of bras you should have, and spend time shopping for those until you find the ones you love that will be as versatile as your lifestyle. We have a blog post sharing recommendations for which styles you should have and some great #ShopNTL finds.



There also seems to be a common misconception that bras either have to be beautiful or comfortable; they can’t be both. We know that’s simply not true, and only in the last few years has that become more and more untrue. Innovation in lingerie has skyrocketed to create really cool technology that can replace uncomfortable aspects of those beautiful bras to make them easier to wear. You can have support, comfort, beauty, and function all in one bra! See below for some #ShopNTL bras that we think mix all of these together.

The last item we learned in this release that we’d love to address is how many women would be willing to learn more about lingerie, how to find properly fitting bras, and what types of styles work for their individual needs. Our Bra Doctor, Celine, is always open to any questions or inquiries regarding these, and she can be contacted through so many avenues. With years of experience, she has created a welcoming and compassionate environment for women to reach out about anything and everything lingerie to help women feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable no matter her size, shape, or budget.

Do any of these ideas or attitudes towards lingerie relate to you? Share your thoughts and any questions you may have in the comments below! You can also chat with us on Facebook and Twitter any time you have a lingerie related question or comment. Follow our Pinterest where we share lots of helpful tips and information we find about lingerie, and check out our YouTube channel for more helpful tips.



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