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Should You Wear A Bra To Bed?

Wearing lingerie is a choice; some of us wear it every day, some of us pick and choose when we want to rock lingerie or when we want to rock the au natural look. 

You might also know that there are some moments where you really should be wearing lingerie – for example, you should never go without a sports bra when working out. 

But should you wear a bra to bed? You definitely don’t have to. But if you prefer to, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

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Some of you may prefer to wear a bra to bed for a number of reasons. There’s an age old story that says wearing a bra to bed could prevent sagging or drooping breasts. We’re here to break your hearts though – wearing a bra to bed hasn’t really been proven to do your breasts any favors in that department. 

Some people may also prefer to wear bras to bed during pregnancy, as it can help keep the breasts protected and secure, or to help prevent leakage or lactation from getting onto their bedsheets. Some people healing from surgeries may also like to wear a bra to cover up bandages. In terms of long-term health effects from wearing a bra to bed, they aren’t really any conclusive studies that verify wearing a bra to bed could harm your breasts. As we said before though, it’s all about what kind of bra you wear. 

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If you’re going to wear a bra to bed, we would recommend a lightweight, wireless option, preferably without too much elastic, in a light, natural fabric like cotton or something that can withstand moisture buildup. Whether or not you’d like some light padding in your bra is up to you, but it’s definitely not necessary to wear a bra with padding to bed. A bralette could also be a nice option that feels and looks pretty, but doesn’t constrict you too much. You do want to let your breasts breathe a little bit at night, since they’re typically locked up all day if you wear bras regularly. 

The bra you choose to wear to bed should fit well, and should be a more relaxed style. If you do wear a tight bra to bed, or one with wires or push up pads, it could cause discomfort to the breasts because they’re not being given much room to breathe. It could also cause some irritation in some cases to the skin, especially if you sweat or generate a lot of body heat during your sleep. There have been some speculations that wearing a constricting bra to bed can also cause things like infections or inflammation of the breasts as well, and that’s why we say that bra choice in bed is key if you feel like you absolutely need to wear one. 

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The bottom line: you really have to do what’s most comfortable for yourself. We definitely recommend going the lightweight, unrestricting, natural fibre route as much as possible. If you want some specific recommendations, be sure to leave a comment below!

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