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Having a child is one of the most beautiful and life-changing events a woman can experience. However, any woman who has been pregnant or is pregnant now knows that her body goes through a rollercoaster of changes and challenges throughout the nine months she carries her child. Because of the way a woman’s breasts change as she begins to produce milk, the bras she needs to wear changes as well. The ultimate push-up bras and the dainty bralettes don’t always cut it when it comes to size changes, more heaviness than normal, and pain that can come along with pregnancy. So because #ShopNTL would like to make your pregnancy or newfound motherhood more comfortable, here are some bra recommendations for expecting and new mothers to help make something a little bit easier.
*Mommy Tip: It’s been recommended by some experts to avoid metal underwired bras while breastfeeding. It’s said that it could interfere with the flow of the milk, plus it could be uncomfortable for you. Luckily, on #ShopNTL we have plenty of wire-free options for you that are also supportive!


Nursing and Maternity Soft Cup Double Moulded Bra by Naturana

This flexible bra stretches and fits your breast in such a comfortable way that it’ll make them feel supported yet softly lifted. The cups are double moulded, which means the shape holds especially well for a mama who wants to help her breasts look even and rounded. Despite being built with some bulk and medium support, this bra will disappear under your clothing. The straps are thick as well to help lift up some of the heaviness of the breast, so you’re not doing it all on your own.

Nursing Padded Cotton Bra With Double Moulded Drop Cups by Naturana


A cotton bra is ideal for a pregnant or nursing woman because of how light the material is against the skin, plus it’s breathable. This bra can take you from pregnancy to post-pregnancy, with easy to maneuver drop cups that are light enough to be comfortable, but sturdy enough to give you some shape and cover up any nipple show. Plus, the little plunge in the front is quite a sexy look for a maternity bra!

Spring Blossom Wire-Free Bra by Royce Lingerie


A versatile and colourful design, this bra is for the fashion loving mama who doesn’t want to sacrifice style. The centre can be adjusted for full coverage or a deeper neckline with a ruched detail. There are also drop cups to make breastfeeding a breeze. There’s enough stretch to be comfortable wearing this all day taking care of a baby, and will be a treat to wear during pregnancy.

Energy Profi Wireless Sports Bra by Triumph Lingerie

Many women prefer to wear sports bras during pregnancy, as other styles of bras make them uncomfortable! This is totally okay! Just be sure to find one with lots of stretch, like this awesome number with moisture-wicking fabric to keep the sweat under control. There’s a little bit of material at the centre and on the sides that helps keep the air flowing, and wide straps, which are necessary for a sports bra being worn during pregnancy. A racerback sports bra is also recommend, like this one from Elita, as it helps distribute the weight of the breast.

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