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There’s never been a more prominent conversation about self-love and body acceptance. No longer are standards of beauty in popular culture so succinct and clear cut. With modelling campaigns garnering positive attention and the industry changing their practices, many ladies are inspired to start loving the skin they are in, and that’s including plus size ladies as well. Efforts to shame plus size women are being demolished while more and more women are coming forward to shake the misconceptions of what being plus size is and are destroying the stereotypes about women with curves.

Lane Bryant's "This Body" campaign via The Revelist

Lane Bryant’s “This Body” campaign via The Revelist

On #ShopNTL, we have always embraced the natural differences between women and we try to cater to as many women as possible. That’s not only true about the lingerie and clothing selection, but through our efforts to empower women through the Bra Doctor blog. A plus size woman has a different set of challenges when it comes to purchasing lingerie than others, like a lack of selection and choice, and shops that don’t carry sizes above a D cup or XL. Combine that with perhaps a lack of knowledgeable help to cater to what a plus woman needs from her lingerie, and misinformation about her size or her body, it can be difficult for a curvy woman to know how to select the best lingerie for her. That can lead to a distrust of the industry and no desire to learn how uplifting lingerie can truly be.


A shrunk-down view of our Bra by Size tool

A shrunk-down view of our Bra by Size tool

Lingerie options for plus sized women should never be about covering up or concealing. The most important factors are fit and how the particular piece makes one feel. It’s not only about babydolls and nude bras with thick straps and no pizzaz. While both those things can be lovely if it’s what appeals to you, we believe that any woman should feel good showing some skin or wearing something form-fitting. Furthermore, having beautiful, delicate, modern, and elaborate lingerie that speaks to her personality is totally her right, and more lingerie companies are learning to embrace this. It’s important for her to get the support she needs with the right style for her unique breast shape. Some women may need extra support for a larger bust, or may have a hard time finding lingerie that fits a smaller bust and the rest of her body.

On #ShopNTL, we are proud to have the size range we have, and make it very easy for a woman to shop strictly within her size. Sometimes that’s just easier, as sizes may have sold out in something you may stumble upon. What’s more is our Bra Doctor has extensive knowledge and experience to help out women, and is very sensitive to anyone’s body issues and insecurities, no matter her size. She’s always available to answer any lingerie related questions a woman may have.

So how does all of this information help a plus size woman feel more comfortable in her skin? Because lingerie can be a catalyst for realizing the beauty of your body by treating it right with beautiful things that also serve a purpose for you. Furthermore, #ShopNTL wants you to know that there’s a place that considers all women when selecting the catalogue of lingerie, and we can be a resource for any woman, plus or not, struggling to find the right pieces that make her feel confident and sexy. Every woman is beautiful and confident and worthy, and deserves to live a life full of happiness and sexy lingerie!

Do YOU have any questions about making lingerie work for your unique body? Leave us a comment on this post if you do, or share some positive messages with our readers about self-acceptance. You can also chat with us on Facebook and Twitter and follow us there, where we keep up with this body positive movement and share any new stories we find. On our Pinterest, we share more lingerie tips, new products, fashion inspiration, and so much more. Our YouTube channel also has some great lingerie related information that all women could get some use out of.



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