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Leggings: The Staple of the Season

Falling temperatures mean warm drinks, the beauty of changing leaves, and fun with layering. Not only does layering allow you to experiment with pieces already in your wardrobe, but it helps keep us warm as the days and nights get chillier. This Fall season, one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that plays into keeping warm is the legging. There’s no denying that leggings have made their resurgence in fashion, as they were kind of on the back burner for a while as being too basic. But with added details, fun patterns, and how easy they are to fit into almost any ensemble, the legging is a must for Fall. Since we do more than just lingerie on #ShopNTL, we have some leggings for you to indulge in and some tips for how we would wear them.
Roma Leggings by Arianne Lingerie

This legging is an example of one where you can get away with wearing it as a pant if the fit is right. They are warm enough for the season, with a little bit of stretch to get you through your day. A nice line detail straight down the leg gives a nice shape to the leg, and they are perfect for dressing up or down. Throw on your favourite button up blouse and a blazer for work, or throw on a loose tee and a cardigan for the weekend.

Urban All-In-One Shaping Leggings by Body Hush


One reason some women shy away from leggings is because of how unforgiving they can be to the body. If you’re not comfortable in leggings but want to give them a try, this is a great place to start. You’ll feel all your bumps smoothed out and your beautiful curves showcased so you can wear your slinkiest long sweaters and a great pair of boots in confidence. Maybe they’ll even convince you that you can try other leggings and embrace your body with how fabulously easy they are to pair with everything.

Leslie Legging Quilted Fabric on Knees Legging by Arianne

Little details like quilting, mesh cutouts, pleather, and lines really take those basic black leggings to a completely new fashion level. The quilting on the knees is super flattering and really adds dimension to your look. Starting from the bottom of the thigh and ending just below the knee with some line detail extending past it, this detail is actually quite flattering on the leg. Try these with a soft chiffin or silky top and a cool pair of shoes for dressing up. We’d also like these with a funky cropped sweater layered over a button up and some booties.

Warmwear Leggings by Elita Lingerie


When Fall transitions into Winter, you want those thick tights that will also keep you warm and not chic but freezing. Thermal leggings are a must, especially if you’re living in a colder climate, as you can layer them or wear them on their own. Try these with a cute sweater dress – they are so easy to find, and you can even swap a dress for an oversized sweater (maybe borrowed from your hubby?) if you’re more of a casual girl.

Lacy Ebony Leggings With Lace by Eva Lingerie

A modern way to wear leggings is by introducing a colour into your collection. This pair is the ultimate in comfortable with a stretchy elastic waistband that won’t dig in, and is built with a soft modal that is delicate on the skin. There’s also a cuff of lace on the ankles that adds a pretty touch, perfect to show off with a pair of flats. Do a purple legging like this with some nice beige knits, or get really funky with a patterned tee and a cardigan.

Need some cool pieces to go with your new leggings? See our apparel section where we’ve updated with some really great sweaters and cardigans that would look lovely!

What is your favourite outfit to wear leggings with? Share your outfit ideas in the comments below to give us some new fashion inspiration! As always, you can also chat with us on Facebook and Twitter if you have more style tips to share. On our Pinterest, we post and pin fashion inspiration galore with #ShopNTL apparel and so much more. Finally, on our YouTube channel, you can find some of our most celebrated lingerie tips and tricks.



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