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Boobs come in all shapes and sizes – luckily, so do bras!

But, some bras do suit certain bust shapes and sizes better than others. It’s all about the construction of the bra, how the cups are built, and what kind of support the design allows. 

So don’t be overwhelmed by all the options, especially if you’re a bra novice! These bra styles are perfect for big boobs for now – let us know if you want us to show you more bras for different bust sizes and shapes!


Longline Bra


A longline bra has fabric that goes past the underwire (if there is one), which means there’s more places for your boobs to find support. 


This style of bra is also super popular right now, which means you can find tons of styles that speak to you.


Full Cup Bra


A full cup bra covers most of the bust, or all of the bust, depending on the design. 


The reason this is good sometimes is because it keeps everything protected and supported, which is good sometimes for different outfits or comfort levels. You also don’t spill out of these bras!


Non-Padded Bra 


Why? A natural shape is so sexy right now, and gives a boost of confidence when you dare to go without padding


Plus, padding can add extra bulk to the bust sometimes, and not all of us big busted ladies want that. At least, not all the time.


T-Shirt Bra


Everyone should have at least one t-shirt bra. 


A t-shirt bra is seamless, fits well, and is super versatile. They are also designed for comfort, and we all love that, no matter our bust size. 


Minimizer Bra


A minimizer bra might sound like it constricts the bust, but it does not. 


A minimizer helps bring everything in and keep you looking even and keeps everything in place. So, this means a seamless fit, a comfortable fit, and you’re not spilling all over the place. 


Do you have a hard time finding bras for your bust size?


Let us know in the comments below!


Our Bra Doctor is also always here to help!


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