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You’ve probably seen that going braless is a choice many of us make, but some of us may be nervous to go without a bra. 

The same can be said for when you should be wearing underwear, and when it’s okay to go commando. 

This feels SO GOOD sometimes! | Image via Tenor

With so much information out there, it can be hard to know when what lingerie you’re wearing, if any, is necessary. A lot of times, whether or not you choose to be wearing a bra or underwear is all about personal choice and comfort. Some people have a really hard time finding a bra that feels comfortable enough to wear all day. A lot of that may have to do with the styles you’re trying, and we truly believe there is a bra out there made for anyone!

There are some occasions when you really shouldn’t be wearing lingerie and when you should be. There are also some choices you can make that make sure you’re not doing yourself any harm. 


Working Out

Triumph Extreme Lite Extreme Bounce Wireless Sports Bra


You absolutely should be wearing a sports bra when you’re working out, no matter your breast size. There are different intensities of sports bras, and each type supports your bust differently during workouts. The myth that you don’t need a sports bra when you have a small bust is just that; a myth. You can still do damage to your breasts if they’re small during a workout if you’re not wearing a sports bra. 


When it comes to underwear, you should also be wearing them during your workouts too. The friction against your anatomy from your workout bottoms can cause irritation and bacteria buildup. You should choose a cotton or bamboo underwear that fits well, and you should avoid thongs or thinner panties. A breathable, innovative fabric works well too. 



These are so comfy to sleep in! | Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Modal Lounge Pant


If you feel more comfortable wearing a bra to bed, you should avoid one with underwires. A soft bra or bralette without wires or elastic is ideal so your breasts can breathe and relax during your sleep. Underwires can dig into your body depending on your sleep position, which is super uncomfortable and can dig in and cause marks. 


In terms of underwear, if you can sleep without it, you’re better off. You need to let your body breathe during sleep. If you’re sleeping with underwear, you should choose cotton or another natural fibre, and avoid thongs or constricting styles. 


Going Commando

Montelle Microfiber and Lace Hipster


Going without underwear is comfortable for a lot of people. While female anatomy is self-cleaning, some fabrics can cause irritation when rubbing up against it. When wearing jeans or stiff, synthetic fabrics, wearing underwear is ideal to avoid irritation or bacterial build up. Softer fabric or looser, breathable fabrics are better choices when wanting to go commando


Is It Bad For Your Breasts To Go Braless?

This bra feels like you’re going braless! | Elita The Essentials Cotton Wireless Cami Bra


Not completely. If you have a fairly easy day or night coming up and you just feel like your outfit looks better sans-bra, you can definitely get away with it occasionally. It is true that heavier busts should be supported with a bra. Every now and then, though, no matter your size, there’s nothing wrong with not wearing a bra. 


You also never want to feel uncomfortable in a bra. That is absolutely not the norm when it comes to wearing bras. If your bra hurts, digs in, or just feels constricting, there’s a good chance it’s not the right size or style for you. If you’re having trouble finding a good bra, let us know and speak with our Bra Doctor. 


Do you go without a bra or panty sometimes? Let us know in the comments below!


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