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Look & Feel Sensational Strapless!

Strapless bras are a must-have for any woman.  You never know when you’ll find THE perfect strapless (or backless) dress or top, so your wardrobe must be equipped to deal with ANY fashion possibility.

2978 Strapless Bra by Triumph

Finding the right strapless bra is not always easy.  Petite women and fuller-busted women alike have particular difficulty finding a strapless bra.  For A or smaller B-cup busts, some strapless bras can flatten out the breasts or they may not fill the cups completely; for D or DD cup wearing women and beyond, into E, F, G, H, etc, it may seem impossible to get any support from a strapless bra.  Here are a few quick, general tips to choosing a good strapless bra.

General Tips:

Look for silicone lining inside the back wings and band of the bra.  There are usually two strips of silicone per side inside the band, one at the top and the other along the bottom, to help the strapless bra stay put, like a no-slip grip.  Some strapless bras also have a silicone strip along the bottom, right beneath the underwires, for extra support.

Make sure the back band is sufficiently tight, but not asthmatically so, when you notch it at the LOOSEST hook. This is to make sure your bra will hold up properly; if your back band is too loose, it will not support anything and will move around too much when you move.  After a few wears and washes (by hand, please!), the back band will stretch slightly and you may find yourself using a tighter configuration for your back adjustment.

Tips for Petite Women: look for bras that have a pockets inside of the cups where a pad can be inserted or removed.  Depending on your choice of neckline, you may opt for a slightly more push-up effect for a lower-cut bodice, so you would have the option of inserting your removable cookies (pads), or another type of removable pad (fabric, silicone, water, gel).

2640 Strapless Bra with Removable Pads by Triumph

Tips for Fuller-Busted Women: Even if you find a strapless bra that fits you perfectly, you may still feel uneasy about not having any straps, since it’s an unusual feeling.  I may opt to wear clear straps with my strapless bra for more dance-oriented occasions if I’m wearing a lower-cut dress, for example… we ladies must avoid these sorts of fashion mishaps, particularly public ones!  Also try to go for a strapless bra that has a wider bra back hook and eye closure, for extra support.  Most strapless bras in DD cups and higher usually do have a three-hook-width bra back closure, which entails a slightly wider back band, to help minimize unsightly bulges, slim out the torso and keep your girls up where they belong!

Stay tuned for more useful lingerie tips from your Bra Doctor!

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  • Bra Doctor

    Thank you, how flattering! Blogging can be quite easy when you’re writing about a topic you know well and are very passionate about! Thanks for adding us to your bookmark, and stay tuned for much more from myself and the rest of our lovely blogging team on Bra Doctor’s Blog. 🙂

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  • Deb Gober

    I want to add the silicone lining to the underwire section to my strapless. Is there a product that I can purchase to do that?

  • admin

    Hi Deb, that’s a great question, and unfortunately I’m not sure where you can find that… perhaps a local fabric or crafts store? That’s a great idea though! Please let us know how it goes!

  • Angela

    Is there a way to remove the silicone from a bra..??I appreciate it on the back but its so uncomfortable on the front..please help??!

  • admin

    Hi Angela, I don’t think you can do that yourself – or else I don’t recommend it. Try going to your seamstress / dry cleaner’s to see if they can do it for you, in a way that will not damage the integrity/seaming of the bra.

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