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Coming to Terms with Your Bra Size

One of the unique things about women is the variance in diverse and beautiful body shapes and sizes. However, embracing our bodies can be a lifelong journey full of doubt, insecurity, and comparisons. The lack of representation for various body types can make it difficult for us to identify with ideals of beauty, and therefore, we must battle with ourselves and popular definitions of beauty to accept what nature has given us.

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One struggle I endured is coming to terms with my bra size. I hit puberty at an early age, and remember having my first experience with bras around seven or eight years old. I remember my first bra shopping trip being a very peculiar experience, and not something that I could discuss with my closest girlfriends. All of my friends would make remarks that they were jealous of my early development, but because I was getting bullied, I really couldn’t understand why they wanted to be in my position.

From an early age, I would constantly hear remarks from people that I must be stuffing my bra, because there’s no way I could have big breasts naturally. I would be called names such as “stuffy” and worse. People would try to pull down my shirt to see if my chest was real, and assumptions were made about my dating habits. I would also hear sexually suggestive comments from men of all ages, which made it hard for me to even want to leave the house. I couldn’t understand why I was the target of negativity because of something that I had no control over.

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As I got older and the bullying subsided, my insecurities did not. My chest continued to get larger, and I found it difficult to find bras that would support me comfortably. Almost every trip I would take to a lingerie store would end up in tears at some point. Shopping for clothing was a nightmare, because I was always trying to cover my chest. If I dared to wear tops with just a hint of cleavage, the name calling would rise up again. I didn’t want to draw attention to my assets, as I noticed that they would be the only things that would get attention. Many men that I dated or tried to date would focus on these assets and fail to pay attention to the person I was or the other qualities that I had. It may seem far-fetched, but it does happen.

Now that I’m an adult, I have learned to embrace being a woman and having a unique body. It’s a hard road that I’ll travel for a bit longer. I’ve learned that it’s all about perspective. One thing that sets us women apart from men is our curves. Although mass media and other influences may try to make us feel as though they are something wrong, they are beautiful and sensual and come in all variations. We should never be ashamed about the size of our breasts!

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One of the steps that I took when coming to terms with my size is taking the time to learn how I can take care of my breasts. I never wanted to get a bra fitting because I was scared of how my body would be judged. However, the process is very easy and something that you should never be scared of; most bra fitters are professionals who are there to help you find your perfect fit. Check out our Bra Doctor’s blog for lots of helpful tips about bra fitting. Be sure to ask Celine, our Bra Doctor, to help guide you on Now That’s Lingerie for your optimal bra fitting experience.

Educating yourself on how you can find the best support for your breast size is of the utmost importance, as well. I have spent years wearing ill-fitting bras with no support because I was either trying to make my chest look smaller, or I couldn’t find a bra that fit. Thankfully, at Now That’s Lingerie, I can find bras that are built for chests like mine, in a size range from AAA to K, that are gorgeous and sexy. The right bra can really do wonders for your confidence, self-acceptance, and comfort level!

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