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What To Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Wedding

You’ve said yes to the dress, you’ve danced in it all night, now what?

As the post-wedding bliss wears off, you may be trying to organize all you’ve accumulated while planning the wedding. But that dress … it’s so beautiful, there’s so many memories attached to it, and it was expensive. Do you just keep it?

Here are some fun, creative things many ladies have done with their wedding dress after the wedding!

Trash The Dress

You can trash your wedding dress AND make it romantic! Via Pinterest

If you’re not necessarily attached to your dress, or know a good dry cleaner, why not try a fun “trash the dress” photo shoot?

So many couples have done this, and it’s a cute way to celebrate your wedded bliss by creating a new set of memories. You can get it dirty, you can get it wet – there’s so much inspiration online, the options are endless!

Give It a Second Chance

This website,, helps you buy and sell your dress!

With the popularity of consignment and recycling, there are so many businesses and websites popping up to help you resell your wedding dress.

You can make a few dollars off of something you might never wear again, and also help a bride find a beautiful dress that’s environmentally friendly and budget friendly.

If you’re feeling especially generous, there are also charities you can donate your dress to, such as The Brides’ Project or any of these various places found by The Feminist Bride.

Re-Wear It

A lace gown turns into an everyday lace dress! Via Good Housekeeping

Your wedding gown made you feel beautiful and radiant, so why not find a way to wear it again?

Look around for a fabulous seamstress and get your gown shortened into a fancy dress you can wear out. Depending on your gown, you may even be able to play with the design or play with dyes and turn it into a new fabulous frock!

Make It Something Else

One popular, heartwarming trend; have your gown made into gowns for angel babies. Learn more on Huffington Post

Bring your wedding gown into more special parts of your life by getting a little bit imaginative!

You can get part of your dress made into a christening gown or baby outfit for when you and your partner start a family. You can also have it made into a custom lingerie set for your first anniversary, and well – pretty much anything you can think of!

Keep It!

You don’t need art; just use your wedding dress! Via Happy Wedd

Nothing says you have to find a new use for your wedding dress. If you want to keep it preserved so you can always have a look at it when you’re feeling nostalgic, it’s fairly easy. Many bridal shops will sell preservation kits, but there are some other creative ways you can keep it.

You can also fold it up into a shadow box and have it displayed in your home. Spend a little time on Pinterest and you wouldn’t believe some of the ways people have found to display their wedding gown.

What do you think you’ll do with your wedding dress after the wedding? Have you already tried one of these ideas?

Share with us in the comments below!

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