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You’re hard pressed to find a celebrity style blog or fashion reel that doesn’t feature one of your favorite fashion stars wearing a bodysuit.

As we’ve mentioned before, the bodysuit is the new tee, and with so many creative ways to wear one everyday, it’s time to embrace the trend! Khloe Kardashian is by far the queen of wearing bodysuits, and the Kardashians/Jenners are constantly wearing them in cool ways.

But do you have to live a celebrity’s lifestyle to pull one off? Not at all! With a little bit of help from our famous friends and a few little tips, you’ll be getting tons of likes on your latest Instagram fashion snap in no time rocking this sexy look!

Fit is Key

A bodysuit is meant to be fitting, and no – that doesn’t mean you have to be thin – it just means that it has to fit RIGHT. A bodysuit that’s too tight, doesn’t cover your boobs (unless it’s a night out look and that’s what you want), or doesn’t sit comfortably on your bottom will not only be unflattering, but very uncomfortable.

Making sure the bodysuit isn’t too tight on your crotch or doesn’t squeeze in your bum is crucial, and also important for your personal hygiene. If it doesn’t sit right on your body, it can also lead to a night of constant adjusting, which is never fun when you want to just look cute.

Have the Right Accessories

Some of our teddies or bodysuits have built-in bras, so you don’t have to feel unsupported while wearing this trend. However, some of our teddies, and many of the bodysuits out now don’t have any sort of support, and some don’t even have coverage!

Most of them don’t allow for a bra to be worn; that being said, showing off your bra is super chic, so go for it! But when going braless is a must, a nipple pad is by far a handy accessory to have, and some body tape wouldn’t hurt either depending on the style you choose.

Choosing a lingerie bodysuit or teddy most often means you’ll have some sort of cotton lining or gusset in the crotch, but what if it doesn’t? Add a seamless panty to the mix; it’s lightweight so it won’t feel uncomfortable, you’ll have no unsightly lines, and you’ll feel much better and safer.

We definitely don’t recommend a basic thong – it might seem like the right choice, but you don’t want to worry about having to adjust all night.

Pair it Well

You can wear a bodysuit with ANYTHING – make it business-worthy with a full coverage style and a pencil skirt, wear it casual with jeans or skinny pants, or balance it out with a high-waisted bottom. Your options are endless, and again, when you focus on the right fit, this look could be flattering for ANY body type.

As always, throwing on a cute vest or jacket will help you feel a bit more covered up if the occasion calls for it. The trend is all about embracing your sexy side, but it’s important to feel comfortable too!

Are you going to try and rock a bodysuit this season? Do you have any other questions about wearing a bodysuit?

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  • Emily Fang

    Thanks for your sharing. I also love wearing bodysuits as they are very stylish and versatile, so now I can’t wait to add one to my closet.

  • admin

    Hello Emily,

    Thank you for your nice comment! Bodysuits are definitely super fun additions to any wardrobe, plus you can wear them in so many ways. They’re definitely worth trying. Let us know if you need any help finding a bodysuit that works for you!


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