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Fun Holiday Traditions To Start This Year

We all love the decorations and food and family time during the holidays, but for many of us, the holidays aren’t always so merry and bright.

If you’re looking to inject some holiday spirit into this season, here are some fun holiday traditions you can start, either for yourself, or with your friend groups and/or family!

Secret Santa – With A Twist!


Most of us have participated in a Secret Santa in some capacity – whether with friends, co-workers, or even family! There’s a set budget, and the fun surprise of not knowing who’s getting you a gift.

If you and your friends/family are feeling a little bit generous this year, consider putting a charitable twist on your Secret Santa. Have everyone write down their favorite charity and set a budget of how much you’d like to donate to that charity, or even suggest a good deed your Secret Santa can complete in you honor! You’ll feel a great bond doing something amazing together during the holidays, rather than getting each other things you don’t need.

The Christmas Eve Box!

Of course this idea comes from Pinterest!

This is an easy tradition to start with kids if you have them, or even for a couple to ring in the holidays.

If you celebrate Christmas, create a box with some festive PJS, a Christmas movie, some snacks, and some hot chocolate, and ring in Christmas day with some relaxation. What else you put in the box is up to you, because it’s all about the memories you’ll make after opening the box.

Reverse Advent Calendar


This giving idea is from Simple Living With Kids.

It might be a little late to start this, but you could always salvage the generous thought behind this great idea!

The idea behind this is every day, you add a non-perishable food item, toiletry, or any other essential to a box. Once the box is filled, bring the box to your local food bank. This time of year is incredibly tough for food banks and the families they serve, so if you want to make up for lost time, fill the box with one thing for every day you’ve missed.

Another tip: consider building this box up until after the holidays if you’re starting it late this year. Many food banks continue to suffer after the holidays, as they don’t receive enough donations after the fact either.

Head To The (Soup) Kitchen

You can become the volunteer of the year! Image via GIPHY

Holiday parties are fabulous, but can be a strain on resources in their extravagance.

Consider skipping the festivities this year and dedicating that time to serve at a soup kitchen with your friends or family. Once again, it’s a great way to bond as a group, and soup kitchens could use all the help they can get.

For many people, a soup kitchen is the only place for them to go on the holidays, and offering your friendly smiles and conversation could make their holidays so much brighter.

What fun holiday traditions do you have?

Share with us in the comments below!

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