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Be Kind To Your Body This Holiday Season

While the holidays can be beautiful and joyous, they can also be stressful and full of treats and temptations. We want to enjoy ourselves, but we also don’t want to feel awful about our choices. 

When you struggle with loving your body, these bad thoughts about “Oh, I shouldn’t have a cookie, I’ve been bad,” or “I’m so fat,” can really consume you. 

Sure, we don’t want to eat the whole cookie tray, but we should be kind to our bodies this holiday season, and every other season of our life. 

Here are some tips if you’re finding yourself struggling with confidence and body love right now. 

Stop The Guilt!

There’s lots of potlucks and dinners during the holidays, and there’s no reason you can’t indulge and be a part of them! | via Canva

Don’t talk negatively to yourself if you want to indulge. Life is more fun when you indulge!

We are not bad people or sabotaging ourselves when we let ourselves have some treats. You can make healthier choices after the holidays, and maybe go for a walk in the snow at some point. 

Let The Memory Making Win

Spending time with others is the most important part of the holidays. | via Canva

Try not to lose yourself in all the thoughts of food and all the stress that can come with the holidays. We often try and go above and beyond during the holidays, which can leave us tired, broke, and often, we’re checked out by the time the holidays are here. 

Remember that the most important parts of the holidays are your family and friends, and having some time to spend with them.

Use Shapewear For Emergencies

Don’t feel guilty if you want to use shapewear to feel a little better! | Air The Sculptor All In One Seamless Body Shaper by Body Hush

Shapewear isn’t a get-skinny-fast scheme. It can be comfortable, stylish, and can be just what you need when you’re having a really bad day. 

We all have those days sometimes. We don’t like how that dress looks, or we’re bloated from yesterday’s eggnog. It’s okay! Shapewear can help smooth you out and give you that little boost of confidence. 

Excuse Yourself From The Stress

If you want to just enjoy the fun parts of the holidays, you deserve to. | Fleur’t Modern Elegance Racerback Chemise With Lace Bust by Fleur’t

Part of having a healthy relationship with your body is also treating your mind well. 

If you are feeling too overwhelmed, too overscheduled, or don’t like the invasive questions your random relatives are asking, try and excuse yourself from it. You don’t owe them your mental health because they’re part of your family. 

Do you have any tips to get through the holidays in a body confidence and mentally sound way?

Let us know in the comments below!

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