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Denim is like a black lace bra – it’ll never go out of style, no matter how its interpreted throughout the years.

Just like your trusty black lace, denim is interpreted in new ways every season, and right now, denim is an absolute must for your wardrobe.

So we’ve taken some cues from the stars to show you the best ways to wear denim right now!

Wear It Ripped

Whether you love a lax boyfriend silhouette, like Jennifer Aniston’s super distressed choice, or you prefer a more tailored skinny like Jennifer Lopez’s, a ripped jean is no longer considered tacky or grungy. It’s a chic option that you can dress up or down depending on your mood.

Not only are jeans with rips everywhere right now, but even hemlines are becoming more distressed – which is a super easy DIY for any regular pair of jeans you have. Just cut the hem out; the messier, the better.

A fun fashion tip: wear a pair of fishnets or patterned pantyhose underneath for a very cool effect!

Wear It On Top and Bottom

The Canadian tuxedo is no longer just for your dad.

A similar color palette looks streamlined and very chic – such is the case with Miranda Kerr’s ensemble that features lighter denim tailored almost perfectly. The simple tuck of the denim shirt makes all the difference.

Similarly, Gigi Hadid pairs two pieces of modern denim trends for an effortless look while running errands.

If you’re looking to pull off double denim in a subtle way, opt for a chambray or denim shirt and jeans for a more muted look that’s still super fashionable.

Wear It As Shoes

Who would have thought denim could work so well in a shoe?

Well, designers are using it, and with great results. Shoe designer and social media starlet Chiara Ferragni has a chic pair of canvas-inspired slip ons with fun detail that will add personality to any outfit.

In case you need more convincing, here are some gorgeous denim shoes that’ll completely covert you.

Wear It Two Toned

There are endless washes of denim, how do you choose? Why not wear more than one tone at the same time?

That’s right; the acid washes and bleach stained tones are out, and the broken up, two toned denim is in. It might look like the denim has been turned inside out or the sun hit one side too hard, but that’s the point!

It adds visual interest to what could be a basic piece of your wardrobe. Just see how Kendall Jenner and Aimee Song’s outfits have an extra cool factor just because the denim is two-toned.

Wear It Cropped

The best way to show off an amazing pair of shoes is a cropped pant, and cropped denim is incredibly stylish and easy to wear. Don’t buy into the talk that short girls or curvy girls can’t wear cropped jeans either – when they fit you right, they look fabulous!

For example, you can appreciate how awesome Alexa Chung’s loafers are with her jeans ending before her shoe. Plus, the little flare is super adorable and adds flair to what could have been a very simple outfit.

If you can’t commit to the cropped life, just take any jeans you have and roll them up to make them appear cropped – just like Alessanda Ambrosio’s cute embroidered pair.

How many of you are going shopping for denim now? Which style inspired you the most?

Leave us a comment and let us know!

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