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We’ve embraced the trend of lingerie as outerwear, with silky chemise-style dresses, exposed lacy bralettes, and bustier inspired tops and dresses. We love the idea of not having to hide our love for lingerie in our outfits, as some of our #ShopNTL pieces are too pretty to put away. Now there’s a new lingerie inspired trend that’s sweeping the fashion world, and we love it just as much. Similar to athleisure, where athletic wear and workout wear are adapted to wear daily for other purposes, leisuree is loungewear and pyjama inspired clothing that take the best out of comfortable lingerie and put it into clothing. We decided to explore the best of leisuree and recommend some Now That’s Lingerie pieces that can help you transition into this fabulous new trend.

What is more comfortable than a set of pyjamas? Designers apparently couldn’t answer that, so they decided to take the pyjama and completely transform it into something that was acceptable to wear outdoors. Some of our favourite celebrities can be seen wearing pyjama inspired outfits to events, on red carpets, and during appearances! Lovely satins and silks with vibrant prints worn with heels and jewels can take what one might think would be a completely inappropriate outfit to new heights and make it dressy and classy.

Furthermore, celebs and other trendsetters have been pairing simple pieces with loungewear and lingerie inspired pieces like bralettes, lounge pants, and cropped camis either together or with other classic clothing items to create dynamic and unexpected looks.

On Now That’s Lingerie, we have some pretty loungewear, basic bralettes, and more that can easily be worn outdoors with the right ensemble to achieve this leisuree look. What’s essential to pulling off this look? Find pyjamas or specially designed garments that look like pyjamas or basic lingerie and ensure that they fit properly. It’s also recommended to avoid sheer fabrics, which can be difficult when trying to take actual pyjamas and trying to wear them throughout life.

Will you be rocking the leisuree this trend for maximum comfort this year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or chat with us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also see more fashion we’re inspired by on our Pinterest, and learn more lingerie tips and tricks from our YouTube.



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