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Easy Halloween Costumes Featuring Your Lingerie Wardrobe

The spookiest day of the year means a lot of invitations to Halloween parties. What do you do if you get a last minute invite?

Luckily, most of our lingerie wardrobes can offer some fabulous last-minute Halloween costume potential with a little bit of creativity. Here are some widely popular and easy Halloween costumes you can put together so you’re not late for the party but you still look fabulous.

Baywatch Babe

Baywatch saw a pop culture revival with the latest flick starring Zac Efron and The Rock. It’s quite the popular costume this year, and it’s super easy – you just need a red one-piece bathing suit!

The Female Racing Core Flyback one piece from Speedo has the perfect shape to pull off your Baywatch moment. If you’re feeling like you need a little bit of extra coverage, just casually throw a robe over it to complete the look.

Flapper Girl

We’ve always loved a good flapper girl, and Great Gatsby definitely brought the vintage style back into the forefront.

A fringy frock makes the perfect flapper costume, such as the Sexy Draped Fringe chemise from Dreamgirl. Grab some black tights, a playful pair of heels, and have fun with your makeup for an instant seductive flapper girl look!


Putting together a cat costume is the easiest, but why not have a little fun with it?

Pinterest is awesome for easy tutorials on makeup, and we were inspired by this leopard print makeup that would be easy for any amateur to pull off. It complements the Animal Print dress from Mapale perfectly to create a classy leopard cat costume in a pinch.


The unicorn has taken over pretty much everything – our Frappacinos, our makeup brushes, you name it!

Be the most stylish unicorn you can imagine with the Stretch Lace gown from Dreamgirl, which is easy to wear a slip underneath (if you want to!). It’s pretty easy to find a unicorn horn anywhere or you can create one yourself, and have some fun with colorful makeup.


Everyone loves mythical creatures – the mermaid has swept up pop culture just like the unicorn!

The Dream Spotlight push up bra is gorgeous inspiration to build a mermaid costume around. If you can’t find a mermaid skirt at a Halloween shop, search for any high waisted skirt or leggings with blues, greens, and/or glitter. Add some beach waves to your hair and some saturated color to your makeup.

Which of these last minute Halloween costumes would you try?

Share with us in the comments below!

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Whatever you do this Halloween, have fun and be safe!

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