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Spring 2017 Bridal Fashion Week

Throw traditional to the wind, brides to be! Wedding dresses are looking more and more like couture pieces of art, focusing more on design and incorporating modern trends than paying homage to tradition. The latest Bridal Fashion Week was no exception, sparking a non-wedding wedding dress movement. It’s clear that skin is definitely in when it comes to what we’ll see in bridal salons very soon. It makes sense, as less people are opting for traditional weddings inside churches where modesty is key. Before you #ShopNTL for your bridal lingerie, take a peek at what’s hot in bridal wear!

Taking The Plunge

A little bit of cleavage has always been a risky choice for a bride. Not anymore! Endless designers have opted for lower necklines while managing to keep the rest of the gown classy. We adore this look, as it’s a great way to add a little bit of sex appeal to make your to-be spouse smile while not making your parents blush. Again, one can go for a covered up look everywhere else and let the neckline be the only bit of skin showing. As many of these styles don’t allow for bras, we recommend looking at adhesive cups or nipple covers.

Boho Love

Straight off the cusps of Coachella and into bridal wear, bohemian elements were riddled throughout Bridal Fashion Week. From floral embellishments, to simple silhouettes, greatly inspired infusions of nature created the perfect looks for brides who want to get married within nature or have a more simple approach to their wedding. Adorn your head with a floral crown and you’ll be the most darling boho bride!

Cape Sleeves

A bold fashionista will love this new trend in wedding dresses. Keep your arms covered if you choose or create a high fashion statement with various interpretations of capes in your gown. On the runways, we saw demure little crystal faux-capes a-la Great Gatsby to decorate your dress with some bling. We also saw solid, more dramatic capes, cascading lace draped over the shoulders, and even faux tops with cape sleeves.

Lingerie Inspired

A little touch of lingerie elements always seems to be the right choice for designers that want to add some sultriness to their ensembles without overdoing it. There were many dresses fit with bustier inspired bodices, with defined cups, bra-like straps, and boning in the torso. Many dresses on the other side of the spectrum also allowed for either exposed lingerie, or were designed in such a way that it appeared that the lingerie was peeking through. We saw all degrees of lingerie aspects within many wedding dresses, including some very revealing options.

Sheer Illusions

Illusions are nothing new in bridal fashion, but it’s getting a little more extreme. As we said before, skin in in, whether that means with more dramatic illusions or full-on sheer panels within the gowns. Designers played with these two elements to satisfy really any bride – one who wants just a hint of skin, and one who is looking to have all of their guests drop while showing off their amazing body in a fantastically designed dress.

The Train Is Back in Town

Okay so, there is still a LITTLE bit of traditional flavour in bridal wear. With shorter styles and tea lengths being popular for a while in bridal wear (they still are!), we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of trains featured in many designers’ collections. Long and flowing fabrics, bubbly mesh and crinoline, and delicate lace all cascading behind gowns like we haven’t seen for quite some time. This in tune with many of the other modern trends created a fabulous juxtaposition of what’s old and new in bridal fashion.

How do you feel about how wedding dresses have evolved this season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or chat with us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow our bridal boards for lots of wedding inspiration on Pinterest, and learn some helpful lingerie tips from our YouTube channel.



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