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Born To Be Wild!

Something fabulous is happening on the runway this season and I say it’s time to celebrate! I am all about the overwhelming return of 70s fashion that has absolutely taken over the spring-summer collections for 2011. That’s right, middle-parts, platform shoes, vests, wide-legged trousers, palazzo pants, flares, maxi dresses, big sunglasses and paisley and floral patterns are all back in a big way. I know I can’t wait to channel my inner hippie this season, and let me tell you, there’s no time like the present to get in touch with yours!

I’ve often been told that I was born in the wrong decade, and I am compelled to agree!  My father raised me on classic rock and the genre has, therefore, remained my favourite since childhood. In my opinion, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, The Mamas and the Papas and earlier work by Neil Young and Aerosmith, just to name a few, have produced some of the greatest music to date.  My contemporary music interests often channel a 70s vibe, too! MGMT, for example, has a distinctly Psychadelic-Rock sound that is chillingly evocative of Pink Floyd, and the Indie-Folk movement often carries strong Cat Stevens/Neil Young undertones (think Mumford and Sons and Bon Iver). As much as I love the music, though, 70s fashions have also thoroughly captivated me.

Think about it – flowy, feminine dresses, flared pants that enhance the female form, dreamy flowered tops and funky, eye-catching graphic prints – how fun is that?! Fashion designers have agreed with me for the past few years, but past collections have focused largely on the bohemian look, when in reality, one of the greatest things about fashion in the 70s was its variety! What sets this year’s 70s revival apart from any other are the its multiple interpretations this time around. I’ve got four personal favourites: 70s Glam, Bohemian, Fancy Dress and clothing with an Edgy, 70s-inspired twist.

Here are three gorgeous trends that successfully embody each style. This is so great because it means that everyone can partake in the 70s revival and stay true to their own personal style at the same time!

1. Maxi Dresses

The bright orange number on the far left is a stunning example of the 70s Glam look and a great example for a bold and fearless lady who gets a thrill out of making a statement wherever she goes, as all eyes will undoubtedly be drawn to the bright citrus colour and decadent neckline. My Bohemian selection is a super-pretty and ultra-feminine option for anyone who likes to keep in touch with their girly side. What’s so great about this look is that it can be dressed up for, say for a date, or down, simply by adding a stylish jean jacket. The Fancy black, asymmetrical dress is a gorgeous 70s-inspired look that is attention-grabbing, while still appropriate for any formal occasion, and finally, for an Edgy, more casual, funky look, take a walk on the wild side with a maxi in a bold, geometric print like the one on the far right!

2. Platforms

These Glam shoes are made of luxurious, coloured suede, making them an excellent addition to any outfit that needs a pop of colour! The Bohemian wedges shown here are super comfortable, and add a feminine touch to any casual outfit. These Fancy pink shoes show a formal interpretation of the platforms trend, and finally, the Edgy pair on the far right (my personal favourite) are wild and a little crazy, while still extremely fashionable and wearable!

3. Fringes

The breathtaking Glam necklace shown here is classy and timeless, easily integrating itself into many an outfit. The Bohemian beaded bag is an equally versatile piece, as well as an incredibly practical option considering its size and the comfort offered by the long shoulder strap! The Fancy black, fringed skirt is fun and flirty while still maintaining a professional look and the incredibly Edgy black leather jacket at the far right shows loads of attitude and and actually looks great paired with an uber-feminine dress and heels!

As you can see, the choices are endless when it comes to the 70’s trend! Whether you are a diva, a free spirit, or going for a classy or totally edgy look, you can still put a fun, eye-catching spin on your look. And as a final note, this look can be great if you’re shopping on a budget! While high-end designers are indeed tapping into the retro look, true vintage is always available… And personally, I get quite the thrill out of a good bargain.

Peace and Love, my friends!





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