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Bralettes have been a monumental trend in lingerie, as bras that can be worn casually without a whole lot of structure. They are pretty freeing bras that can still support your bust, and have been favorites of those who aren’t huge fans of bras in general.

Now bralettes have become a fashion trends, with many styling them as tops or alternatives to tops in a number of ways. Bralettes are also taking the place of camis and tanks that typically act as underthings to polish off an outfit.

Here, we’re going to look at some ways you can style a bralette as outerwear for every body type, and show you bralettes you can shop to create these looks for yourself.

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Bralette Under Sheer Tops

A sheer top is an excellent piece for those who love the idea of showing off skin, but want that little extra piece of fabric.

Any bralette can be styled under any sheer top on any shape and body type. It’s one of the most effortless ways to add something trendy to your outfit, and this style looks super sexy on anyone.

Bralette As A Tank Under Layers

You typically use some sort of shell underneath an open cardigan, kimono, or jacket. Most times it’s a tank or cami, but why not try a bralette?

Having a small gap between your bralette and your bottoms is actually incredibly flattering on any body type. It highlights your waist, which for a lot of people is where their curves come together.

Bralette As A Top With High Waisted Bottom

The bralette with anything high waisted is a match made in heaven.

Once again, it complements any shape, and is also a fun way to make your bralette more versatile. You can try jeans, trousers, shorts, or skirts to make this outfit casual, dressed up, or super formal.

Bralette With Open Button Up Or Blazer

This is a fairly new trend that we are just loving. You get that impression of subtle sexiness once again styling your bralette under an open button or blazer.

Your button up or blazer can be open to any degree that you’re comfortable with.

Now below, here are some bralettes that come in various sizes, are made with high quality fabrics and support, and can be intertwined into any of these stylish outfits above!

Click on each brand to shop these bralettes: Fleur’t | Triumph | Blush | Montelle

Have you tried a bralette yet? Have you also tried styling your bralette as outerwear?

Let us know in the comments below!

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