How To Clean Lingerie Properly For Good

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We spend a lot of money on our
intimates but often neglect taking care of them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into the
simple or the extravagant intimates. You want to make sure you’re not
damaging your pieces by just throwing them into the wash.

Now, lingerie doesn’t always have to
take forever to wash. We can show you how to clean your lingerie
properly for good with some simple tips and affordable things to
purchase so you save your lingerie, and your money.

Wash Bags Or Hand Wash

Bra Bather Mesh Wash Bag by Fashion Essentials

If you can, you should hand wash as
much of your lingerie as possible. Anything with delicate lace,
hosiery, or silks and satins should be hand washed. It’s not as
rigorous as you might think!

You can fill your bathtub or sink with
warm water and cleaning solution (more on this later) and let your
lingerie soak for 20-30 minutes. Then, softly rub your lingerie as
you would scrub your dishes, and rinse them off. Let them hang dry
and you’re good to go!

You can throw a lot of your less delicate pieces, your sports bras, your wire-free options, and most of your underwear in a mesh wash bag. This helps protect the lingerie from any harsh movements, and also makes sure the lingerie doesn’t get caught on any of your clothes.

No Dryers!

Mid Length Soft Microfiber Slip by Montelle Intimates

You really shouldn’t be putting any of
your lingerie in the dryer. Lingerie cannot handle that kind of heat,
and it could wear out the fabric or even shrink it.

A lot of your cottons and soft fabrics
might last on low heat or even cold water. However, your best bet is
to let your intimates hang to dry to keep the shape and maintain the
integrity of the fabric.

Washing Products

Harlow Full Coverage Underwired Bra by Blush Lingerie

Should you be throwing any old
detergent into your soaking lingerie? Not necessarily.

Because your intimates touch some of
the most sensitive parts of your body, you want to be careful about
the ingredients you wash your lingerie in. You definitely want to get
gentle detergent if you’re going to go that route.

There are specially formulated lingerie detergents that you can buy inexpensively. Forever New is a detergent that has been quite popular for decades. If you have especially sensitive skin, you can also use a mild dish soap or baby shampoo diluted with water.

How Often Should You Wash Your Lingerie?

100% Cotton Non Underwire Bra by Naturana Lingerie

You should know that you should only
wear your underwear once and then it must go into the laundry hamper.
Is the same true for bras?

You’ll probably hear differing theories
on how often you should wear your bra before washing, much like
jeans. It really depends on a few things – what were you doing in
the bra? How much do you sweat?

Generally speaking, if it’s an everyday
bra in a rotation of other bras, you should wash it after two or
three wears. You definitely don’t want to wash your favorite bra
every week, because it can actually damage the structure.

Now that you know the basics of
washing your lingerie and how easy it can be, will you put in that
effort to show your delicates some love?

Let us know if you’ve learned any
special tips for caring for your lingerie in the comments below!

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