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PURE SEXY! Your Date Night Look

If you really want to spice things up and are looking for that perfect Valentine’s day outfit, search no further. This outfit is all kinds of sexy but not overdone. To start the look is the Keri semi-sheer tunic top by Arianne. I love the way this sheer blouse falls on the body, so pretty and flirty! You might think that this top is very PG and where’s the sex appeal? But wait! Pair this with the Sinfully Yours semi-sheer lace demi teddy by Blush lingerie in red. Wearing a sheer flowy blouse with a fitted red lacy teddy underneath will literally keep your date drooling and wanting more. For bottoms, I’m pairing this style with this gorgeous leather skirt with zippers from Topshop. It’s very in fashion to wear loose tops and fitted bottoms. Works out because you can eat more without exposing your food baby (hopefully, saving dessert for later) but still showing off those great legs. Not to mention, black is extremely flattering and goes with everything. Depending on your style, you can either tuck the top into the skirt or leave the blouse loose. I personally prefer it tucked in; I love the flared shape it creates with the skirt above the belly button. If you’re trying to camouflage your tummy area then wear the shirt on top. You can easily match this outfit with a blazer, cardigan or pashmina scarf. 

 Now onto accessories, for jewelry I decided to keep it classy and simple with a Tiffany & co. silver charm bracelet and Pave Pear white and silver earrings. They add just the perfect amount of class to this risqué outfit! For shoes I went for these gorgeous silver Maggie pumps by Christian Louboutin. I swear that man can do no wrong when it comes to creating shoes. The different shades of gray and silver play off the grey in the top. Lastly, for the purse I chose a chic quilted bag with a long chain. The purse has to be black to go along with the skirt. 

 Since your lingerie is red and can be seen, try going for a bold red lip. Not sure how long the lipstick will stay on for, but that’s another story for another day. Be confident in your sexy outfit and have fun! 

This outfit is a stunner. When your date sees you, expect a jaw-dropping expression! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 

What are your thoughts on this outfit? Share your style tips with us!

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9300 Keri Semi-Sheer Tunic Top with Dolman Sleeves by Arianne: (no longer available)

Black Zip Detail Mini Skirt:[black]

226451 Sinfully Yours Semi-Sheer Lace Demi Teddy by Blush Lingerie: (no longer available)

Christian Louboutin Maggie Pumps:

American Chic Black Quilted Chain Bag:

Tiffany’s Bracelet:

Classique Earrings – Pave Pear Post – White Drusy Silver :



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