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How Many Bras Do I Need?

A question that has baffled busty women throughout history, from Mata Hari to Madonna: How many bras do I need in my wardrobe? The bra-obsessed, like myself, have one for every day of the week. Some might have the same great-fitting bra in a rainbow of colors. Others might own (gasp!) only one. But just as every girl needs a little black dress, there are fashion guidelines for which type of bras are must-haves for any woman!

35963 Luxury Minimizer Bra by Olga Lingerie

35963 Luxury Minimizer Bra by Olga Lingerie, available at Now That’s Lingerie

At least one nude t-shirt bra

In case anyone out there doesn’t know this (and I’m directing this specifically towards my mother, who conditioned me to always wear white), nude t-shirt bras are the standard bras that women should own.* Because of their colour, nude bras don’t show under anything, including white shirts, making them the most practical choice for everyday wear. Choose one as streamlined as possible so the seams don’t show under any type of clothing. Just because it’s basic, though, doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty; Olga Lingerie offers bras like the Luxury Lift Minimizer, which has just enough lace detail to be feminine and enticing.

*An interesting fact: in the industry, white bras are considered a “fashion colour,” which puts it in the same category as colours like pink, blue, and leopard print. Surprising considering all the white bras out there!

222407 Naked Envy Demi Bra by Blush Lingerie

222407 Naked Envy Demi Bra by Blush Lingerie, available at Now That’s Lingerie

At least one black bra

Now we’re getting into fun territory: the black bra. Contrary to popular belief, black bras are just as necessary as nude bras and sometimes are even more important! This is because dark clothing can often discolour nude or light-coloured bras prematurely, so black bras should be worn under all dark tops. Plus there’s something fun and scandalous about wearing black lace. Black bras like Blush’s Naked Envy demi bra, are sexy and comfortable for all-day wear.  (Click here to read Why Black Lingerie is So Sexy for more!)

One sports bra

Depending on how often a woman works out, she should have at least one well-fitting sports bra to hold in the ladies when exercising! There are so many factors to consider when buying one, that I would recommend asking the Bra Doctor for help to find the right one. Sports bras are specifically designed for the type of exercise (high-impact cardio or less stressful yoga or pilates), so a woman might need two to fit her exercise routine. They also must fit properly to give great support without binding. The budget-conscious take note: exercising is one of the most taxing things a woman can do to her breasts, so it’s better to splurge on a great sports bra than a flimsy, lacy number that won’t get much (practical) use.

One strapless or multi-purpose bra

Similar to the sports bra, the strapless bra must support without overly restricting, or becoming the dreaded “shelf.” Convertible (or multi-purpose) bras, like those from Warners and Triumph, are a great addition to a bra collection, because it does multiple duties as a strapless, one strap, or two straps, criss-cross, and halter.

4002 Brigitte Lace Bra by Bra Doctor Lingerie

4002 Brigitte Lace Bra by Bra Doctor Lingerie, exclusive to Now That’s Lingerie

At least one fun bra

Everyone knows the ones I’m talking about- bras that are multi-coloured, intricately laced, and va-va-voom! Sexy bras that are also comfortable like Bra Doctor Lingerie‘s lacy retro Brigitte bra, offer wear-all day comfort. Slip on one in the morning and secretly feel like a goddess all day!

For ladies used to swapping between just one or two bras, this might feel like a lot of underwear, but these are the necessities that a great wardrobe is built on. With these five bras, every outfit from a suit to a sundress has the perfect bra to go underneath, with no need to hide straps or wear a cami so your bra doesn’t show. The best part is, once you know what kind and how many bras you need, you have an excuse to go out and buy them!

Happy shopping!

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