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How to Shop for Lingerie with Your Man

With Spring right around the corner, many lingerie boutiques are displaying their most colourful wares in their shop windows (and on their websites), giving you many eye-catching reasons to revamp your wardrobe.  You’re feeling adventurous and ready to renew your lingerie, but does your partner’s enthusiasm seem to fizzle out when it comes time to go shopping?  Here are some helpful hints on how to keep both of you entertained, and prevent him from feeling overwhelmed.

Tips For the Ladies:

Perfect for the ‘better half’! The gorgeous Charlotte Balconet Retro Bra by Affinitas Parfait – up to a size G!

 1. Realize that this is a Joint Operation.  You may be the Shopping General, but an unhappy trooper is an unwilling one –and vice versa.  Even if he insists he wants to come, love him for being willing to come with you, but realize that he may not really want to go shopping, or at least, not for a long period of time.  Step into his shoes:  browsing is not the goal-oriented masculine way of accomplishing things.  Most men don’t usually ‘shop’, they seek out and then ‘buy’ the items they need.  So be ready with a realistic shopping strategy to minimize the time spent in each store.  And if you say you’ll only be an hour, remember your goal and stick to it.  Men do notice when you start wandering around ‘just browsing’ (they call it ‘aimlessly’) and may become petulant and frustrated.

2. Remember the ‘KISS’ rule: Keep it Simple, Sweetie.  Don’t ask complicated questions, keep it as brief as possible, let him know you’re grateful for his support with hugs and kisses, and make sure to bring along a ‘manly’ distraction, such as an iTouch with a few games to pass the time –helpful for when you’re unwilling to rush through fittings, and you shouldn’t!  There’s nothing more disappointing than spending half a day rushing through shopping, only to end up with ill-fitting items that need to be returned or exchanged.

3. Take turns.  This is something my boyfriend says any man will appreciate, if he gets the chance to go to ‘his’ stores, between or after yours.  Show your gratitude by tagging along cheerfully to check out the electronics, tools, sports or entertainment stores that your man frequents.  He will notice your willingness to spend time on things that interest him, and will be much more likely to happily reciprocate.  Love’s a two-way street, as they say!

Tips for the Gents:


This Bridal Padded Satin Bustier by Affinitas Intimates is a perfect reward for good behaviour.

1. Be supportive.  Shopping can be an enjoyable experience with the right attitude, and when it comes to lingerie – the rewards are worth the wait!

2. When your lady asks your opinion, be honest but kind.  Saying yes simply to get out of shopping as fast as you can won’t do you any favors in the long run, especially when you see her in a set you really weren’t keen on or that didn’t fit her well.

3. Keep yourself occupied, and take frequent breaks.  Now’s the perfect time to catch up the news on your mobile, or checking out a new magazine you got from one of the shops.

4. It’s OK to step inside a lingerie store –really! Your girl will adore you for your courage.  Plus, you may think there’s nothing manly in being surrounded by mounds of ribbons and lace, but trust us.  Your leading lady will just think of how lucky she is to have a man who will spend time with us, no matter where it takes them!

Shopping together should be fun, exciting and a win-win situation for all involved.  Being respectful and mindful of each other’s feelings will ensure that there are no sour attitudes later.  And it will always help to remember that the next time you want to do something that reflects your more “manly” personal tastes, she may be more willing to reciprocate.

This Vicky Lace Chemise by Arianne is perfectly flirty and comfy to slip into at the end of a day of shopping.

What are your tips for shopping as a couple? Tell us by commenting here below, on Twitter and on our Facebook page!


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  • Deb

    Hello their, Just a short comment. When I was first married sometimes i went bra shopping with my husband. Sometimes. But i think it is better when you go alone or with a girlfriend. leave your husband or boyfriend at home. Because then you can take your time . and not worry if your better half is getting annoyed . because men and women shop diffrently. So just enjoy yourself and leave the guy at home. have him watch sports or something .

  • admin

    Deb, you make a great point. It can still be fun to shop with him for other things, and if you’re already doing that, often it does make sense to bring him along as you pop into a few extra stores. But I agree that for a real bra fitting or lengthy clothes shopping experience, it’s best to do it with a girlfriend or sister or someone who can be (more) patient.

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