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What is a modern way to showcase some decolletage or a little bit of cleavage in a subtle and fashion-forward way? The criss cross top! We guarantee you have seen this trend any time you’ve gone shopping recently. Often done with criss crossed laces, strings, or special fabrics, a criss cross tops features the namesake pattern within the middle of the top, and it can range from a small detail at the top to a very long, very revealing plunge.

We love this trend because it’s a very simple way to transform a basic top into something of interest, with a little opportunity to show some skin. The criss cross detailing along the open area allows for some mystery and can help you feel less exposed. The criss cross top comes in so many variations that you can find the perfect one for you. As you’re looking at the criss cross top, you’re probably wondering: what kind of bra am I supposed to wear with this? Depending on how low the criss cross goes, it may not matter. But when it’s low, here are some #ShopNTL recommendations to feel your best rocking the criss cross top.

Push Up or Plunge Bra

You may want to have a little bit of extra lift when wearing a criss cross top if you’re going for a bombshell look, or even just want to add some perk. A push up bra will help give your breasts some added support that may help boost your confidence in a lower criss cross top. A plunge bra will have the same or at least a similar effect, but reveals more cleavage allowing for the opportunity to conceal your bra a little bit more in a low top.

Show Off Your Bralette

Letting your cute and colourful bra reign free with a criss cross top is a very youthful and on-trend look for someone who is comfortable letting some of their bra show. A bralette tends to be very beautifully designed, and is the perfect bra to show off with bits of lace or pattern peeking through the criss crosses. A longline bra works just as well.

Go Bare

When the top gets really low, you can just skip the bra and show yourself off! That’s completely fine if that’s something you are comfortable with. These tops come in different fabrics, from loose to tight, so it may not always be noticeable that you aren’t wearing a bra. It would be wise to wear nipple covers if you opt out of a bra just to avoid making it very obvious that you are sans bra.

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