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INTRODUCING…the newest member of the Bra Doctor team!

Hey all. Allow me to introduce myself…I’m Jen, a self-proclaimed clothing addict with a passion for fashion. By day, I exercise my shopping muscle as a buyer for an upscale woman’s boutique. What girl wouldn’t want to shop for a living? At night, I am your blogger extraordinaire, giving you the scoop on the newest and hottest trends in lingerie and fashion.

As a busty girl, I’m no stranger to the eternal quest of finding the perfect fitting bra – one that’s sexy, supportive and comfortable. So you’ll often hear me raving (or possibly ranting) about my favorite finds for women of all shapes and sizes.

Speaking of breasts, I came across a funny article that argues that my chest could actually reveal something about my personality. This ancient Spanish “science” called sternomancy claims that the shape of a woman’s breasts reveals personality traits. I was so amused that I thought I’d share.

According to the study of sternomancy, women with small breasts are worriers and women with large breasts are optimistic and cheerful. Women with “cherry” shaped breasts are reputed for their sociable character, whereas “pears” are independent and willful. “Apples” are hard-workers and “water-melons” like to be pampered and flirt. “Lemons” are full of life and “melons” love being admired. If this is true, then I’m an optimistic melon with a penchant for being admired. Ha!

I’m so excited to be on the Bra Doctor team and look forward to your questions and comments. So feel free to comment here or email me (Jen) at



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