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In Winter, we all need some good hot chocolate, warm gloves, and lots and lots of layers.

We don’t have the access to stylists and designer wardrobes like celebrities or bloggers do, but luckily, we have their resources for inspiration!

So when it comes to layering up to beat the elements, our favourite celebrities and fashion bloggers always show us how it’s done.

Dakota Johnson via Vogue

Dakota Johnson via Vogue

Take a cue from Dakota Johnson when it comes to making something like a sweet boho dress work for winter.

Pair your favorite skirt or dress with some higher boots and a very warm jacket. This lets you layer different seasonal items together, making the most of your wardrobe!


Karlie Kloss via Who What Wear

Karlie Kloss via Who What Wear

A timeless piece like a camel trench coat can also be layered with another thinner jacket or zip up à la Karlie Kloss. It’s a lovely casual outfit with enough pieces to warm you up – and if you’re too warm, it’s easy to peel off one layer.


Gigi Hadid via Ferbana

Gigi Hadid via Ferbana

When you’re looking to dress up a little bit, channel Gigi Hadid’s cape and sweater combination. She stuck with a neutral palette and draped her very large cape over her shoulders for a very modern interpretation of layering.

Gigi also made a huge trend, the culotte, work for Winter by pairing it with some high boots. Once again, it shows how easy it can be to make warm weather styles work for the colder weather with a little creativity!


One of the dominant layering techniques we saw in celebrity street style moments is incredibly easy to pull off. Celebs like Olivia Palermo and, once again, Gigi Hadid, pair an oversized, bulky sweater with a button up shirt. The collars are kept tucked inside and a little flow of the shirt underneath peeks at the bottom.


Blogger Courtney Trop via Who What Wear UK

Blogger Courtney Trop via Who What Wear UK

Bloggers also deserve credit for starting some really cool layering trends, like Courtney Trop of Always Judging. She takes a scarf and drapes it over the shoulders of a sweater of the same color, adding dimension with a simple scarf in a creative way. She looks so cozy and yet so chic.

Do YOU have any tips when it comes to staying warm yet stylish?

Share with us in the comments below!

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Until next time, stay warm & classy!




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