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Today’s video covers a very important topic: asymmetrical breasts! We know how important it can be to talk about uneven breasts, because it’s the feature of one of our most popular blogs, Nurture Your Nature: How to Fix Uneven Breasts. So popular that we had to do a video about it so you can see firsthand some of the bra pads and strategies mentioned in that blog.

The topic of uneven boobs can be very sensitive because most women don’t want to discuss or admit that they may have uneven breasts. The reality is that many women have uneven breasts and most are unaware that they do! The difference between our breasts can range from a slight discrepancy which is barely noticeable, to a full two-cup size difference or even more.  As humans, we’re not 100% symmetrical. There will always be one foot that doesn’t quite fit the shoe the same way as your other foot.

In my video I talk about different types of bra pads to try, depending on your cup size and goals. Click here or on the image below to watch!

Firstly, remember to ALWAYS wear a bra for your larger cup size. For example, if you wear a B cup on one side and a C cup on the other, ALWAYS buy a bra for the C cup. Don’t try and squeeze your larger breast into a bra that doesn’t fit. Buy a bra for the larger breast and fill out the smaller side with a bra pad or removable cookie!

Now a bit about the pads we feature in this video:

The fabric Add-A-Size is great for A to C cup sizes and offers an instant natural lift. The Glam silicone bra inserts are for women wearing A to B cups that are looking to add an extra cup size. There is thicker silicone around the nipple area for extra coverage and for a more enhanced lift. The Sculpt silicone bra pad is for C-E cup sizes. This is a much fuller silicone and helps give a natural round shape. Lastly, the Bra Doctor silicone bra pads are good for A to F cups. The insert moulds to your breast, giving a very natural lift. These are best used for small differences in cup sizes.

I hope the video helps you fix your uneven breasts, and please let me know if you have any more questions.

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