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The final designer has waved their goodbye on the runway!

We’ve been perusing through the runway galleries looking for what fabulous trends the fashion elite are bringing to us this year. Here are just a few we noticed!

Kaleidoscope Velvet

Velvet is not new, but we’ve mainly seen velvet in dark jewel tones or neutrals. This year, velvet is dipping into the color pot to give you a whole closet of rainbow velvet wonders!

It’s definitely a bold look, but is also warm and practical for the cooler months.

Making a Statement

Whether or not you want to showcase your political views or your love of your favorite brand, a huge trend is wearing what you think and what you love with pride.

Lots of designers made bold statements or used their shows as a platform to speak up for a cause. Since fashion is always considered such a simple form, it’s refreshing to see more substance come from designers of clothing.

Suit Up

Suits are not just for fancy office jobs anymore.

Suits have become the new sexy staple, created in interesting silhouettes or worn with risque tops underneath. We also love the modern skirt or short suit combo.

Keep it Separate

There’s wasn’t necessarily a shortage of dresses on the runways this year, but many designers opted to create separates, combining them creatively to make out-of-the-box ensembles.

Skirts, pants, sweaters, tops, and coats were all stars in their own rights, which inspires us to try and reinvent our existing wardrobes in new ways.


Basically, if you can sew it on, do it!

Embroidery of all kinds graced many designs, from florals to jewels to patches and so much more. Items with embellishments of any kind will take you very far this year!

Ravishing in Red

There was quite a bit of black on the runways with color peppered in here and there, but one of the colors we saw the most throughout various shows was red.

It’s the color of fire, sexiness, fierceness, and romance, so we’re totally up for adding some red to our wardrobe!

Was there a fashion trend that stood out to you during this past Fashion Week?

Share with us in the comments below!

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