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If you read our recent trend report analyzing New York Fashion Week Spring 2019, you’d know that lingerie is still inspiring fashion designers everywhere.

Of course, we’re totally excited about it! How fun is it to review your lingerie drawer and imagine countless ways you can take your intimates from underpinnings to stars of your next outfit?

And no, we obviously don’t mean it’s in style to walk around half naked, although hey, you do you! But there are some awesome styling cues we can take from the runway, as well as how garments we can shop soon will be inspired by lingerie.

Lingerie Dresses

Your nightgowns, babydolls, and chemises are no longer just for behind closed doors.

The silky and satiny fabrics, the loose silhouette, the cups, and the lace details are just some of the hints fashion is taking from your typical sleepwear dresses. It’s the perfect thing to wear on a date night, a girl’s night, or even casually with some sneakers or under a cardigan or jacket.


Bras are supportive garments to help protect your breasts, yes, but they’re also tops now.

If it’s a warm day and you’re feeling a little bit frisky and fun, ditch your typical top and show off your cutest bra, bralette, sports bra, or longline. You can play with layers for a more subtle look as well, or even use your bra as a layering piece over your top.

Lingerie Tops

If you’re not into exposing your bra, you’ll also find tops inspired by lingerie.

You’ve got the classic corset inspired top, tops with boning and cups that mimic a bustier, and even tops inspired by bras that offer more coverage. High waisted bottoms are the perfect addition to one of these tops for an outfit you can wear almost anywhere.


It’s an overt and sexy look, but exposing your lingerie underneath sheer pieces has become a mainstay in outfits circulated by the fashion elite.

You can do a matching bra and panty set or a bodysuit – whatever makes you comfortable enough to indulge in such a revealing trend. We did see a lot of strategic topless looks on the runway as well, but there are only so many times and places for that.

How do you incorporate lingerie into your fashion world?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Jade Hicks

    Love these looks so much! Really loving the lingerie dresses look book! thanks for sharing

  • admin

    Hello Jade!

    We’re so glad you enjoyed this post. Lingerie dresses are definitely a beautiful way to experiment with fashion.

    – The NTL Team

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