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Our savings account might be drained a little bit this year…
To satiate our thirst for celebrity style, many celebs partner with brands to give us access to items they would wear themselves.

So many exciting collaborations have been scheduled for 2017, and here’s a peek at just some of them that have either launched recently or will very soon.


Rihanna Loves Chopard

Just two pieces from the Rihanna x Chopard collection on! Ring $1460; Earrings price upon request

Fresh off the massive success of Rihanna’s Fenty collection, Rihanna teamed up with jewel mavens Chopard to deliver incredibly beautiful jewelry.

While many of these pieces are outside most of our budgets, we can’t help but admire the simplistic yet super cool shapes of the jewelry, and the outlandish decadence of the chandelier earrings.

The collection is all on pre-sale right now, so let’s just hope we win the lottery in the next couple of days?


Karlie Kloss X Express

Karlie Kloss knows a thing or two about fashion, modelling some of the most beautiful clothes ever. But when she created this collection, she opted for simple pieces that focus on fit, and they’re all super versatile for various occasions.

The pieces are authentic to Kloss’ quirky and easygoing aesthetic, and are also quite affordable.


Bella Hadid X Chrome Hearts

Just a couple snapshots of what’s to come in the Bella Hadid x Chrome Hearts collab! Images via Harper’s Bazaar

Bella Hadid is probably one of the biggest influences in fashion, so when she announced she’d be working with Chrome Hearts on a collection, people everywhere were screaming with excitement.

She’s previewed a piece here and there on Instagram, and debuted the entire collection at Paris Fashion Week this year. As of now, we’re not sure when we’ll be able to shop the 40-piece collection, but we’re eagerly anticipating the news! It looks like it’ll be edgy and eclectic and super adventurous, just like Bella’s own personal style.


Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons

While Jeff Koons may not be as well known as others on this list, we had to include this artist’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton because it’s just too beautiful for you to not know about it.

Koons interprets famous art in his own way and transfers them onto Louis Vuitton’s luxurious handbags, making each an incredible masterpiece that we could only dream to own.


Victoria Beckham X Target

This was one of the most buzzed about collections! Here are just two dresses in the amazing collection via Glamour.

She went from Posh Spice to one of the most posh designers, and so when we heard we could get a taste of Victoria Beckham’s style at Target prices, we were beyond excited.

What’s beautiful about the collection is that it’s not just as chic as Beckham’s signature style, but each piece is made in a great range of sizes. According to her website, the collection is sold out, but maybe we’ll find it at the store somewhere? We can only hope.


Selena Gomez X Coach

She’s posed for them, she’s worn them, now she’s designing for them! Selena rocking a Coach tee via People; Selena in a Coach campaign via Pinterest

There’s no denying that Coach has transformed itself into a quirky, younger brand, and part of that is thanks to Selena Gomez working with the brand and bringing it into the forefront of a younger generation.

We all know Selena became the new face of the brand last year, but she’s also going to be designing a collection with them! Details are minimal right now, but we can’t wait to see how she’s going to bring her amazing style into the brand.

Which of these collections are you anticipating buying this year? Which celebrity would you love to see design a fashion line?

Share with us in the comments below!

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