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Fall Fashion Trends 2012 Now That's Lingerie

It’s time to put away those bright pastels and put on something a little darker! Yes, ladies and gents, Fall is here… and Winter isn’t far behind! Not only do the leaves change colours, so does your wardrobe. Not to mention, it’s an excuse to go out and buy some new goodies because nothing seems to be ‘warm enough’, This season, I really love the darker autumn shades like oxblood and ash yellow, but I still adore my bold pops of colour and pattern from geometric lines to modern floral print! You can pull off these different styles and colours in many different forms (pants, tops, belts, clutches etc..) each season.

Fall Color Trend: Oxblood and Teri Camisole Top With Back Lace Applique by Arianne Lingerie in Bordeau, available at Now That’s Lingerie

 I get the most inspired by what people are wearing on the street or clothes and accessories I re-pin on our Now  That’s Lingerie Pinterest boards! I like to “people watch” while sitting in a coffee shop or while riding the subway. You see all kinds of different styles and trends from extravagant fashionista to ‘hobo chic’! (Sometimes I think to myself, “why would anyone buy that top?!” I should use ‘Stacy and Clinton’s’ mentality from What Not To Wear and help fashion victims dress appropriately.) These fall fashion trends are only a guideline, so you can make each trend your own; and let’s admit it, when you look good, you feel good! 😉

Seasonal fashion comes in all shapes, sizes, colours, and variety. It’s fun to watch all the crazy runway looks that designers conjure up. Honestly, you (probably) won’t see anybody walking down the street with diamond encrusted eyebrows, green skin or see through dresses (well, the latter might happen sometimes.) Some of the styles we see on the catwalk are absurd and only characters such as Lady Gaga (or women completely oblivious to stares) could pull off. Not everything you see on the runway is meant for the ‘everyday’ person. Yet, there are some Fall fashion colours and trends like oxblood, cobalt blue, and floral prints that would look good on virtually anybody, any day!

I think there’s nothing hotter than seeing a confident woman walking down the street in black dress pants, a leather jacket with a printed scarf and a bright cobalt blue purse.  I’m absolutely in love with the colour Cobalt blue! Adding an extra spurt of colour to your clothes and accessories can make any Fall outfit look runway-ready! If you want to dress up your outfit from day to night, try wearing Curvy Kate’s Tease Me plunge bra! You can be out with your girls with a regular black tank (or sheer black tank) and jeans and get just a peek of that sexy blue colour pop! The smallest hint of colour can really make your entire outfit!

Cobalt Blue Beauties: Demi Moore, Olivia Munn, Abbie Cornish, and Dita Von Teese; (right) Showgirl Tempt Me Satin Plunge Bra With Embroidery by Curvy Kate in Midnight/Black, available at Now That’s Lingerie

I also love any kind of pattern, from lines to spots to floral. When worn appropriately, patterns can completely transform your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary! My best friend came over the other day and I was green with envy at her outfit. She was wearing an oxblood cardigan with a blurred loose floral scarf wrapped around her neck, with black pants. Yes, my BFF is a very fashionable girl and it got me thinking about her style choices. She’s blonde with very fair skin and the colour looked amazing on her. Needless to say, the next day I found myself ordering the Arianne Teri camisole in the same red. Even though I have olive skin tone and dark hair, the color looked amazing on me too! I’m thinking this might just be a universally flattering colour.

In addition to my BFF’s amazing colour palette choice, her floral scarf made the biggest difference bringing all the elements of her outfit together. I love mixing darker colours with bold prints and you can use an accessory to do just that (purse, scarf, clutch, bracelets etc..)! If you want something with that bold floral print but not overbearing or too summery, I suggest this Annie camisole by Arianne. Match with a cute pair of jeans and a leather jacket, and your outfit is complete. When you’re wearing a bold print, the rest of your outfit should be neutral toned; unless you’re feeling more adventurous and pair the floral Arianne camisole with skinny plum jeans, matching the hint of purple (or any colour you find in the print) in the top to the pants. You can wear floral casually, dressy or just plain sexy!

Elegant Floral Prints on the Runway at Cynthia Steffe, Derek Lam, and Milly and Annie Floral Print Camisole With Padded Underwire by Arianne Lingerie, available at Now That’s Lingerie

These days, trends aren’t just coming directly from fashion designers- celebrities are the ultimate trendsetters. If they aren’t influencing fashion designer collections, they’ve invented their own clothing lines, such as Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Katie Holmes, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, to name a few. We’re stuck in a celebrity-obsessed generation where our style icons are singers and actors. However, they’re extremely wealthy and have personal stylists, so what they wear rarely comes from their own initiative. Even money can’t buy you style, (some of the best items you buy were bought either on sale or from a cute thrift store.)

Don’t lie, I know you’ve snuck a peek at those ‘Worst Dressed’ celebs’ lists in every Fashion magazine! As Coco Chanel once said, “fashion fades, only style remains the same.” I use fashion trends to inspire my seasonal style. I will show the world my obsession with oxblood, cobalt blue and floral print while I strut my stuff down the street!

What Fall fashion trends are you most excited to wear? Tell us by commenting bellow, on our NTL Facebook Page, or on Twitter!



Fall Color Trend: Oxblood

Cobalt Blue Beauties:

Elegant Floral Prints  on the Runway:

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  • Cindy


    I loved this article and I agree that these colours are amazing!

    I also liked the examples of colour and patterns you used to show how we can find individual pieces that can be reworn year after year without having to buy the current style each year.

    Well, maybe I will buy a couple of things each season, but I intend to only buy things I can reuse, recycle, and, of course, ‘rewear’.


  • admin

    Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for your comment! I really love these colors (as you can tell by my passionate blog 🙂 ). I really think that finding a few pieces you love that are “trendy” or stylish for a specific season are a great way to diversify your wardrobe without breaking the bank! Enjoy!

  • Jimmy Zed

    “Even money can’t buy you style, (some of the best items you buy were bought either on sale or from a cute thrift store.)” –> Totally agree w/ you there Princess Jasmine 🙂

  • admin

    Haha thanks Jimmy! 🙂

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