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If you’re looking at a Celebrity Best Dressed list for any event, if Blake Lively is in attendance, she’s always at the top.

Blake Lively alongside her beau in Atelier Versace at the 2017 Met Gala

The blonde bombshell has a very refined and colorful fashion sense, and we’re completely obsessed with how her style has progressed after becoming a mother. We’ve been seeing a lot of her lately with the passing of major award shows, important events (she’s quite the speaker), and her promotion of her new film – and we’re loving every outfit!

We’re sure you’ve all heard that while on a promotional tour for her new movie All I See Is You, she was spotted in SEVEN different outfits throughout the day! Of course, the paparazzi were out and about to catch every ensemble switch, and she didn’t miss the mark at all. Every look was incredibly different, yet super iconic.

Blake could be dressing to the nines for a gala or award show, or out on the streets with her hubby Ryan Reynolds – whatever it is, she always looks so put together. It’s no wonder Karl Lagerfeld has cited her as one of his muses, and she’s promoted brands like Gucci and L’Oreal. She clearly learned a lot from the genius styling during her Gossip Girl days. It’s refreshing and exciting that Blake never sticks to one aesthetic. She proves that a girl can dress for herself; for how she feels that day, for what she likes, and what speaks to her.

While Blake is exceptionally beautiful and always dressed incredibly, we’re also a huge fan of her philanthropic and public endeavors. She never shies away from lending her voice to issues that matter to her, such as child exploitation through the Child Rescue Coalition and equality for women. She’s always got a toe dipped in some sort of charitable undertaking and we think that’s amazing!

What do you think of Blake Lively’s style?

Is there any other celebrity whose style you’re loving lately?

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