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How many of you just HAVE to try something on before you know you’re going to buy it, or if you’re going to return it?

No surprise there – but what is your process when you try things on? A lot of us are instantly negative when trying things on, whether lingerie or clothing. However, we might not realize how rude we’re being to ourselves, especially when we have one of those days where nothing works.

Try these little tips the next time you’re trying things on to help make shopping more fun!

It’s The Garment, NOT You

100% Cotton 2 Pack Camisole by Naturana

Just because it doesn’t look good on you, it doesn’t mean you don’t look good. It’s just that the garment wasn’t made for your body.

Maybe the arms are too long, the chest or stomach fits too tight, or it looks differently on the mannequin or the model. Nothing will ever look the same on two different people – and that’s because it’s one garment. How can you blame yourself for the way something is made?

Size Doesn’t Matter, Only For Fit

Parfait Farah One Piece Underwire Swimsuit With Ruffles

You’re going to be one size in one place, and another in another shop. You’ll fit most 332D bras but in other brands you have to wear 32DD.

Different countries and brands have different size standards. It’s impossible to be the same size in everything. So don’t get upset if you have to go up a couple sizes! It’s normal, and the size really only matters when it comes to fit. Don’t deny your size so that what you wear is too small or too big.

I CAN Pull It Off If I Want To

Air Urban Shaping Arm Control Camisole by Body Hush

Wear shorts in the summer if you want to. Try out a crop top! Wear that sheer top with a bralette underneath.

Fashion is meant to be fun and liberating, not restrictive. You shouldn’t refrain from wearing something that speaks to your heart because a really old fashion magazine said there are body or age restrictions.

I Can Tailor This

A-Line Dress With Short Sleeves by Zaan

Sometimes you need to go up a size so it fits in one area, and the rest of the piece is too big. That’s what a good tailor is for!

If you really love something, truly look at yourself in it and think about whether or not a tailor can tweak it for you.

I Don’t Need To Hide My Body, But Dress It

Afterdark Babydoll Set by Montelle Intimates

It’s been shown that hiding your body in baggy, shapeless things doesn’t hide anything, so why bother?

Now, we can’t tell anyone how to go on their body love journey, but we don’t think you should say no to something because it shows a little bit of tummy or hip. If you really, really love the style and feel sexy and amazing in it, why write it off because something isn’t small?

Do you have any change room horror stories to share with us? Any lessons you’ve learned to make shopping and trying things on more fun?

Let us know in the comments below!

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