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Productivity Tips For Time At Home

Some restrictions are starting to loosen up, meaning we’re seeing a tiny bit of normalcy come back to our routines. However, we’re not out of the woods yet, and months into this pandemic, you might be feeling a little bit burnt out.

While you should not be putting pressure on yourself to make every minute a productive one, it is healthy to learn how to make the most of the times where you feel like you’re in a good headspace to be productive. A lot of what holds us back when it comes to getting things done is the thought of doing it – it’s going to take too long, it’ll take too much effort, I should be doing X instead of Y; you know the drill. 

Try changing up your productivity routine with some of these new tips and see if it helps reinvigorate your drive!

Need-To-Do Lists and Want-To-Do Lists

Lists are a must. | via Canva

You know the classic to-do list. You’ve probably made a ton of them. It feels amazing to check things off your list. Maybe it’s time to change HOW you make lists to not only ensure you’re prioritizing your time properly, but you’re not overwhelming yourself. 

Make a Need-To-Do list for the actual important things you need to accomplish each week – for example, you need to get a load of laundry done, you need to finish this work project, or you need to buy groceries. Before it goes on your Need list, consider WHY that task needs to get done. Are you trying to meet a deadline? Are you fulfilling a basic need? Is the dust piling up in the bathroom? 

Once you have that list, make a Want-To-Do list for your week. These are things that won’t have a detrimental effect on your life if they don’t get done right away. These should also be mixed with things that are beneficial for you and you only. Maybe you want to make time to read a new book or watch an educational podcast. Maybe you’ve been wanting to reorganize your closet. Knock one to two things off a day, but make your Need list a priority. 

This new approach to listing can help ensure you don’t forget what should be done, but also helps you avoid such a long list that you get so stressed out about everything you think you need to do. 

Block Scheduling

A new way to schedule your time. | via Fun Cheap or Free

When you have an especially busy day coming up, consider making yourself a block schedule for that day. This might also help you on the daily, if you tend to have mostly hectic or jam-packed days. 

Jordan Page, who has a YouTube channel and programs all over the internet, has popularized block scheduling and wow, does she lead a busy life! Essentially, a simplified version of block scheduling is breaking your day into blocks of two-to-three hours and scheduling what needs to be done or what should be done during that time. Setting alarms that coincide with your blocks can also help keep you on track. 

No task is too menial to include in your block scheduling. Eating breakfast, doing a 15 minute workout, and taking out your recycling should go in your blocks, as should your Zoom meeting and even your sleep. 

If You Can’t Relax, Schedule It

You NEED to take time to relax. No exceptions. | via Canva

How many of you are guilty of not being able to relax? I’ve said many times that I’m not good at it. 

Don’t wait until you burn out to take a break. Even if it means you have to schedule in your relaxation time. It may sound silly, but it’s not; it’s incredibly important, and it should be one of your top priorities. Adapting to this new way of life while navigating everything happening in the world isn’t easy. 

Schedule a half hour in the morning to drink my coffee and just sit and watch a video or read the news, even if that means waking up a bit earlier. Schedule an hour to stretch, sit on the couch and just chill, watch an episode of a show. Making it a part of your schedule can help shift your mindset into understanding that relaxation should be a part of your routine, not a luxury you can’t afford. 

Do you have any productivity that are working for you lately? Let us know in the comments below!

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