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What To Gift Your Husband To Be

As wedding season continues, at #ShopNTL we love taking to Pinterest to see how wedding trends evolve. We love being a part of weddings with our selection of bridal lingerie, but we also love everything else about weddings. Weddings are becoming more personal and unique than ever and so are traditional gift ideas. When it comes to what to gift your husband-to-be, it can be difficult to encapsulate your love into a material thing. We’ve found some gift ideas that we love, both traditional and modern, and we believe they’ll make your husband-to-be very happy.

The Classic Boudoir Shoot

A boudoir photoshoot is a very common wedding gift, and we can understand why! Someone delivers your hubby a book for his eyes only of sexy photos of you so he knows what to look forward to on your wedding night. Now That’s Lingerie has all sorts of bridal lingerie and outfits that can inspire your boudoir photoshoot.

Custom Cufflinks

Cute cufflinks via The Dose Of Reality

Cute cufflinks via The Dose Of Reality

A lot of gentlemen will wear cufflinks on his wedding day. They may be borrowed from a relative, or they may be something classic. Why not get him a pair of cufflinks with a cute message that he can wear again and again, thinking about how happy you made him on your wedding day every time he looks down?

A Love Book


A couple examples of Love Books

Men can be much more sentimental than we give them credit for. You can create a love book for him, documenting your love story or giving him some sweet reminders of why he is so special to you. He can read it as he’s getting ready for your wedding – be sure to pass along some tissues as well because these sweet gifts can be tearjerkers!

Customized Wooden Watch

Customized Wooden Watch from Tree Hut

Customized Wooden Watch from Tree Hut

A common gift we’ve seen on Pinterest is the gift of a watch with a sweet message like “Don’t be late!” A watch is a very nice gift to help your hubby accessorize. These unique watches from Tree Hut come in several different styles to meet your man’s taste. You can also engrave a sweet message or your wedding date on these watches, which will be a lovely surprise for your hubby to be.

What do you think of these wedding gift ideas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or chat with us on Facebook or Twitter. Follow our wedding board on Pinterest for more wedding-related inspiration, and learn some lingerie tips and tricks from our YouTube channel.



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