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Trend Alert: The New Cold Shoulder

The cold shoulder trend isn’t leaving us any time soon – it’s a universally flattering style that shows a subtle amount of skin and adds dimension to our outfit. We’ve discussed this trend on our Bra Doctor blog before, and want to discuss it again as we’ve noticed some changes. The cold shoulder used to be all about a simple cutout or a draped fabric. The new cold shoulder is similar, but with an added detail for something different. We’re going to show you how to achieve the new cold shoulder look and what #ShopNTL bras to wear with them.

Because everyone, we mean EVERYONE, can wear a cold shoulder, you’re hard-pressed not to find a variation of a cold shoulder wherever you shop. You’ll see a top or a dress with a very thin strap that starts at the front of your decolletage – about the middle of your clavicle – and will extend to around the top of your shoulder blade. The amount of skin from your shoulder to your arm that is exposed will vary depending on design. It sounds so simple, but it’s a look many designers and retailers have embraced because it can make EVERYONE feel gorgeous and sexy, and it’s a perfect breezy look for the summertime.

Another bonus that comes with the cold shoulder trend is that there’s no reason to ever be insecure about your shoulders! Your shoulders aren’t something you need to target through a workout; everyone seems to just have smooth, gorgeous shoulders! If you’re one who likes to conceal your arms, the lovely thing about a cold shoulder that exposes some of the arm is that the design plays with the eyes and actually makes the arm appear thinner – so if that’s what you hope for in clothing, you can still participate in this trend! Also, save for your workplace, it’s an appropriate way to show skin pretty much anywhere!

With a cold shoulder, your best bet is to go strapless with your bra. It’s difficult to pull off the exposed bra strap look with a cold shoulder, as it could clash with the intended effect of a cold shoulder. You can find endless opportunities for a strapless bra that fits well and doesn’t ride down on #ShopNTL with our fabulous size range. If you’re not a huge fan of strapless, a convertible bra works just as well, as you only have to wear it sans-straps when you’re rocking a cold shoulder.

Have you embraced the cold shoulder look this year? Let us know what you think and discuss your favourite trends with us in the comments below! You can also talk fashion with us on Facebook or Twitter. Our Pinterest is also full of fashion inspiration, and our YouTube channel has videos to learn more about lingerie.



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