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There’s no denying just how powerful the body positive movement is. If you don’t agree, could you perhaps believe in one of the common misconceptions about it?

The main purpose of this movement is to celebrate all types of bodies, and diminish this idea that there is only one kind of beauty. There have been too many toxic messages in the mainstream media, and it’s time to redefine it.

These common misconceptions about the body positive movement though can really diminish what it means to people, and what it could become.

The Body Positive Movement Is Only About Curvy Women

Khloe giving it straight | via Shape Magazine

We have to be very careful to ensure that, through the body positive movement, we don’t allude to women who aren’t above “standard” sizes aren’t sexy too. It’s all about celebrating women of all sizes, shapes, body types, and body abilities, because for so long women have been told that there’s only one way to look.

The Body Positive Movement Is For Women Only

Men are getting involved in body positivity too | via Google

That all being said, the body positive movement isn’t just for cis women. They have been the main focus, but that’s changing – and we hope it continues to so that everyone is represented.

The body positive movement celebrates feeling beautiful and worthy in your own skin, no matter how you identify with gender and its complexity.

The Body Positive Movement Celebrates Unhealthy Bodies

Whitney Thore knows the deal | via Giphy

With the body positive movement bringing different weights into the forefront has many people concluding that body positivity = promoting unhealthy weights.

The truth of the matter is you can’t judge someone’s health based on how they look, and how weight is distributed on their body. It’s just simply not that simple. It’s about loving who you are, but also eating a brownie when you want to and eating all the fruits when you want to, or going hard at the gym and maybe taking a couple days off too.

The Body Positive Movement Isn’t Affecting Change

Abby Sams posed for Aerie and is still vocal about inclusion | via Google

The body positive movement matters. It does help.

Do you notice how brands who aren’t jumping on board with celebrating people of diversity, of different body types, of different abilities, with different health battles, are no longer being supported for it? There are also countless brands and business filling niches in the market for fashion, lingerie, products, etc. that ensure that more people have access to things some of us take for granted.

😉 | via Giphy

How has the body positive movement helped you? Let us know in the comments below.

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