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The biggest joy of the holidays is spending time with loved ones, and that typically means dinners and drinks and lots of desserts.

So do you obsess over every little thing you indulge in during the holidays, or do you let loose and enjoy with some help? Obviously, the latter!

We have a couple pieces of advice and lingerie help so you love your body during the holidays.

Don’t Obsess And Stress

Don’t spend your holidays like this. | via Giphy

We’re not saying go crazy and overeat to the point where you get sick. We’re just saying a couple brownies and some pie and mac and cheese isn’t going to set you back forever.

If you spend so much time wanting to eat something but worry about it, you won’t enjoy yourself. We promise you’ll be fine if you indulge. Just plan a long walk or a gym session for the next day!

Shapewear Can Help

Triumph True Shape Sensations Super High Waist Control Shapewear Panty

You don’t need shapewear to look skinnier. That isn’t what it’s for. But it can help you lock in everything to feel less self-conscious when you’re dressed up and enjoying a holiday feast.

There’s underwear, there’s shorts, there’s full body pieces – you have options.

High Waisted Underwear Helps Too


Charlotte Satin High Waisted Brief by Parfait Lingerie

A high waisted panty instantly helps you feel more secure when you eat an extra piece of cake and are feeling a little bloated.

They also have a way of making you feel sexy, which means you feel confident, which means less worry all day!

Find Ways To Avoid Overindulgence

Sometimes it comes to this point. | via Giphy

There’s indulgence (totally necessary), and there’s overindulgence. The overindulgence is what can make you feel sick and tired and guilty.

Have a glass of water before having something else, wear something that makes you feel good, and put positive energy out at your events. You know that sometimes there’s family drama that can be stressful and may make your inhibitions run rampant.

Last but not least, don’t beat yourself up! Don’t feel like one holiday season is going to derail your progress. We hope you have the best holidays and enjoy as little or as much as you want to!

What’s your favorite holiday treat?

Let us know in the comments below!

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