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Our 5 Holiday Wishes For You This Weekend

Holidays are meant to be a joyous time, but for some, it’s stressful and emotional.

To try and sprinkle some festive spirit in your heart this holiday season, here are our 5 wishes for you. We hope they inspire you to remember the reason for the season and make your festivities a little more jolly.

1. Enjoy Your Family

Image via Positive Truth

Whatever your family looks like, be joyful that you have them. Image via Positive Truth.

If you have any family drama, push it aside this weekend and focus on the positive things. Nobody wants to feel excluded or unwanted during the holidays, so make that little extra effort to make everyone feel loved, and save the resolutions for another day.

2. Indulge Without Guilt

Image via Google

That feast is too beautiful not to enjoy! Image via Google

Binging isn’t healthy, but neither is counting every calorie! Enjoy the cookies at the holiday party and have an extra piece of turkey if you want to. You’ll have time after the holidays to hit the treadmill and add some more fruit into your diet.

3. Be Thankful For Everything

So very true! Image via Pinterest

So very true! Image via Pinterest

We don’t always get the presents we want, and sometimes, it’s very hard for our loved ones to afford lavish gifts. Be thankful for the thought from your friends and family, especially if you know they are going through a tough time. Be even more thankful for their time and their company – that’s what truly matters.

4. Celebrate Those Who Are No Longer Here

A beautiful way to honor your family. Image via Fingers and Thumbs Crafts

A beautiful way to honor your family. Image via Fingers and Thumbs Crafts

Loss is never easy, and there’s something about the holiday season that makes the feeling more pertinent. Consider celebrating them by toasting them at dinner or reminiscing on the beautiful memories you shared with them.

5. Have Fun and Relax!

Which one is your favorite? Image via Cassie Fairy

Which one is your favorite? Image via Cassie Fairy

Work, shopping, and driving around town to see family can take its toll on you. Pour yourself a hot cocoa, make some popcorn, and pop in a holiday movie to sit and laugh at. Don’t let the holidays go to waste by being so crazy busy that you don’t even get to enjoy it!

What are some of your holiday traditions that you’ll be celebrating this weekend?

Share with us in the comments below!

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Whatever you’re celebrating this year, we hope your weekend is full of light, love, and happiness – and lots of sweet treats!

Until next time, Happy Holidays!




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