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What Do You THINX?

We’ve come a long way in terms of how we handle our menstrual cycle every month – and now there’s a pair of underwear that replaces your pads and tampons!

That’s right – you may be shuddering, but it’s true, and it’s become a widespread topic of conversation. THINX has completely dominated social media, lifestyle media, and celebrity endorsements alike, and we’re wondering if all of the hype is really true.

This best-selling hip hugger style is only $34! Via

Essentially, a pair of THINX undies are built with technological fabric that absorbs any moisture into a very thin layer of fabric. According to their site, they don’t leak, and you won’t feel like you’re sitting in all of the moisture all day either. They come in modern, sexy styles and are quite affordable for panties with such power.

After you take them off, you can hand wash them (or throw them in the washer if you’re really pressed for time) and hang dry them, and then wear them the next day you need them!

For your light days, the cheeky style is adorable. Via

It also helps that celebrities like Mila Kunis, Mindy Kaling, and tons of the YouTube community have all shared their thoughts on how they love THINX and the idea of THINX. However, with all the love and the various ways THINX has tested their product out for all to see (check out their creative YouTube channel), they are also receiving a lot of criticism.

Part of it is because ladies talking about their periods is still quite taboo. Society still wants to forget it happens, even though all women deal with menstruation in some capacity in their lives. Furthermore, the idea of not using a pad or tampon freaks people out. Many can’t get past the idea that they will be sitting in blood all day, but from what we’ve seen through our research, it’s not true for most people.

Get retro with a cute high waisted pair; it’s only $38! Via

Our verdict? Take a gander on the website, and if you have a fairly regular or predictable cycle, grab a couple pairs – they have styles for heavy days and light days, and THINX is very good at explaining average wear time. Bonus; if you are hesitant to only wear the panties, they also sell organic tampons. We think it’s a pretty great idea for ladies who are uncomfortable in or are allergic to pads/tampons.

Would YOU ever try THINX underwear?

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