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Women are beautiful and unique, but we can all relate to one thing – the time of the month sucks.

For some of us, it’s not that bad – minor cramps and bloating – but for some of us, we’d like to just lay in bed in the fetal position all day and scream into our pillows.

The last thing you need during PMS or during that time is constricting, uncomfortable lingerie that doesn’t let your body breathe. If you have these things on hand during that time, it’ll make things just a little bit easier.

A Wire Free Bra

Most of us can relate to having issues with our boobs during our menstruation – either they feel like they’ve grown one or two sizes, they’re swollen, or they hurt. In rarer cases, some ladies develop cyst-like bumps that can be painful, and bras can dig into them making the pain worse.

Ditch the wire – you don’t need it right now. While a well-fitting wire shouldn’t hurt, this logic doesn’t always win while your breasts are tender and sore. Thankfully, there are wire-free bras that fit from petite to busty that still give you your daily dose of support.

A Sports Bra

If you’re having an especially tough day or two, a sports bra could be the best option. It can still be supportive, but the sports bra is especially designed for free movement, moisture absorption, and odor masking.

This is ideal when our body temperatures seem to jump up and down out of nowhere. Opt for a good quality sports bra that is still supportive to get you through your work day but isn’t super tight or bulky.

A High Waisted Panty

Hear us out on this one.

When you’re bloated, feeling uncomfortable and gross (you’re not gross; but we all feel gross at that point, right?), a seamless, stretchy, high waisted panty can do wonders for you.

It gives you the sense of feeling covered up and it supports your belly and mid-section when it’s feeling large and squishy. It’s sort of like wearing shapewear without that tightness.

Natural/Soft/Practical Underwear

While little lacy and satin panties make us feel nice, we shouldn’t wear them too much while we’re menstruating.

They don’t allow our bodies to breathe, they don’t hold up to moisture well, and even though they can be stretchy, they aren’t the most practical style.

Stick with your cottons, bamboos, microfiber or modal; you catch our drift. You can also find special underwear built to capture odors and wick away moisture.

While we have your attention and we’re talking about this stuff, be sure to pay attention to your body and give it what it needs! That means going to your doctor if something doesn’t feel normal. You deserve to take care of yourself!

Do you have any tips for getting through PMS or the time of the month?

Let us know in the comments below!

Our Bra Doctor, Celine, is also an amazing resource to talk to about lingerie that fits your unique body best.

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