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Your Sexiest Year Yet! How To Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

You can throw all of those artificial, unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions out the window! 
We want to help you shift your thinking to make loving yourself and feeling amazing your number one priority in 2017! Here are some ways we think you can make 2017 your best year!

Don’t Lose Weight; Get Healthier!


It’s good to care about your weight, but don’t give it too much value! via GIPHY

So most of us make the faux-commitment to lose weight in the new year, but a few months in, we’re right back to our old habits. Why? Because we’re focused on our looks, and not what really matters – our health.

Instead of worrying about shedding pounds or looking a certain way, instead think about becoming HEALTHY. Eating good food and exercising – in whatever way you enjoy – are two of the best ways to do that. The weight will come off naturally, and you’ll be more successful because your goal is to FEEL good!

Practice Self Love


We should all feel like this! via GIPHY

Get more sleep, meditate, treat yourself once a month, or give yourself positive affirmations in the mirror. We neglect ourselves too often or rely on others to make us feel fulfilled, and it just ends up leaving us disappointed.

Your most important relationship is the one with yourself, so take care to make that your priority next year. Your other relationships will naturally improve.

Wear FABULOUS Lingerie

You deserve to wear what YOU think is beautiful! Beyond Love Demi Cropped Corset by Blush Lingerie

You deserve to wear what YOU think is beautiful! Beyond Love Demi Cropped Corset by Blush Lingerie

One can’t deny how wearing well-fitting, quality, beautiful lingerie can make a huge difference in how you feel. Your clothes fit better, you feel supported, and your confidence gets a nice lift as well.

So next year, get a bra fitting, invest in a matching set that speaks to you, and indulge in at least one piece of lingerie that makes you feel sexy! It could be a teddy, a chemise, or a super sexy outfit.

Own Your Assets


Don’t let this be you! via GIPHY

Money is one of the most stressful concepts; so stressful that many of us neglect to take charge of it.

Consider seeing a financial advisor, make your debt a priority, or start saving – even if you put $5 every pay into a jar. We may not have complete control over our financial circumstances, but do what you can to make the most of what you do have to reduce your stress levels.

So HOW can all of these things lead to your sexiest year yet? Because taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, defining your own version of sexy, and being happy and confident are the sexiest qualities a woman can have!

What are your resolutions for next year? Are you going to try some of ours?

Share with us in the comments below!

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Until next year, have the best New Year’s Eve party and be safe and happy! Thank you all for a beautiful year from all of us at Shop NTL, and we can’t wait to begin our next adventure with you in 2017!




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