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A boudoir photo shoot has typically involved a woman posing seductively in various states of undress or in lingerie, usually as some sort of gift for her partner.

We think boudoir photos are a beautiful way to celebrate your body and own your own sexiness, and it’s as much a gift for yourself as it is for someone else.

Now, we’ve been seeing some new ideas for boudoir photos that we are absolutely loving right now. We want to share them with you for some inspiration for how you can really spice things up in a way you’ll always remember.

A Couple’s Boudoir Shoot

How stunning is this photo from One Life Studio UK?

How fun would it be to slightly strip down with your partner and capture your love in tasteful photos?

This could be a bonding experience for the two of you, and you can get some cute photos to look back on in the future. You can encourage each other to be comfortable and have someone else to focus on while getting your photo taken.

A Pregnancy Boudoir Shoot

This stunning pregnancy boudoir photo is tasteful and stunning. Via Pinterest

The experience of pregnancy isn’t always glamourous, fun, or sexy, but what the female body can do and withstand is pretty incredible.

A pregnancy boudoir session can help you change your perspective on just how beautiful you are when you’re pregnant.

Commemorate A Body Change

This lovely boudoir photo celebrates a female warrior. Via Leisl Cheney Photography

Just like pregnancy, your body may go through a lot of changes, These changes could be elective, it could be a transition, something you’re conquering, or anything really.

A boudoir shoot can be sexy, but most importantly, it’s about capturing who you are physically and the beauty and strength that comes along with that. You can take ownership of your body not despite the changes, but because of them.

Wearing Something Sentimental

Can you imagine how happy your sports fan love would be seeing this? via Sugar and Spice Photography

You don’t just have to wear lingerie in a boudoir shoot.

You can also style something that means something to you – maybe your partner’s favorite sports team jersey, one of their shirts, or maybe even use your wedding outfit in a creative way. You’ll get some gorgeous photos with some sentimentality to them.

Do It If You Want To!

Anyone can show off their gorgeousness in a boudoir session. Via Figuratiif by Boon Org

You probably see a lot of women in boudoir shoots. That doesn’t mean they are just limited to women, and they don’t have to just be given as wedding gifts.

A boudoir photo shoot could be a wonderful experience for any gender, any adult age, and in any phase of life. There really are no limits if you’re an adult who just wants to have some fun!

If you need some lingerie advice to wear in your boudoir shoot, be sure to reach out to our Bra Doctor!

Another reminder that there isn’t just one type of person or body that is right for a boudoir shoot, and it’s also about more than being naked or close to it. This can be an empowering experience that helps you conquer insecurities, and can even help conquer your fears about your own body.

Would you ever consider doing a boudoir shoot? Have you already done one, and if so, how was your experience?

Share with us in the comments below!

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