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Just like our body shape, we don’t have control over the size of our bust – so why is it so hard for us to accept it?

Well, when you have fashion that has always catered to a small bust, and objects of desire also baring a larger bust, a lot of us are getting mixed messages about how we should feel about our own bust.


Signature Seamless Mini Wirefree Crop Top Bra by Elita Lingerie


From working with women and helping them find bras or a long time, we know that no two busts are alike. Sure, we share a bra size, but most of us aren’t symmetrical, and we don’t stay nice and pert for long. Our breasts also don’t stay the same size for our lives either. We know that women have many insecurities about their breasts because they’re so used to seeing unrealistic images all over the place.

Casey Plunge Molded Seamless Padded Bra By Parfait Intimates


Now it’s easier said than done, but there’s no point in wishing our boobs were smaller or bigger, because it’s more important to nurture what we have and take care of them. This way, you’re not dealing with pain or discomfort anymore, and when you see them properly supported, you’ll love them a little bit more.

The first thing – and we’ll never not say it – is you need a fitting! You should be having them at least once a year, or whenever you experience a major body change or you feel like something has changed. No more excuses!


Loveswept Lacy Underwire Plunge Bra By Blush

Once you have that fitting, you want to find bras that really love your bust and keep it supported. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. You just need to know what you want, try styles you like, and hey, our Bra Doctor is always here to help! Plus, when you have the best support and a cute bra, it’s a little bit harder to be upset about what Mother Nature blessed you with.


Padded Soft Bra By Cybele

The only thing you can control about your bust is how to take care of it. You’ll never be able to control the size without surgery, but for most of us, that’s just not feasible. And if you do choose surgery, you still get a lot out of bras. The most important thing is to love what you have now, because it’s yours, and it does not define your beauty.

Do you need any advice on how to love your bust, or how to find the right lingerie? Be sure to leave your questions in the comments below or send us a message.

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