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Why do Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan hate wearing bras so much? In this post-WonderBra era, I hardly think they are making a 1960s-Women’s-Movement-esque statement.

With Britney it’s almost expected, she’s so regularly photographed going out in public “au naturelle”, but Lindsay please! She has a young and spectacular bustline but gravity and all that bouncing around braless is going to wreck havoc on those precious breast ligaments! Plus it just looks sloppy and unattractive and film stars are not supposed to look that way.

And it’s not just these two, it’s rampant in Hollywood these days. Maybe it’s a statement of how free and uninhibited they are? Or just two fingers to the paparazzi? The average gal couldn’t get away with so much unsupported breast on display without lots of unwanted attention. But unfortunately it seems to be the guaranteed way to get you noticed if you’re working in Hollywood these days.

But if you need to go braless for whatever reason there are lots of ways to preserve your modesty and class while preventing any wardrobe malfunctions! Now That’s Lingerie has all the breast accessories you need! From Disposable Adhesive Nipple Covers by Forever New, which discreetly hide your nipples when you go braless (and with any bra without an inner padding or lining).  Body Tape by Fashion Essentials will instantly secure your clothing in place, letting you wear the latest fashions with ease and glamour. The Lifting Hide A Strap by Forever New cinches in your bra straps between your shoulder blades – ideal for those racer back tees or cutaway dresses.

So here’s my gallery of the worst offences – and they’re inexcusable – don’t these people have a mirror? Partner? Stylist? Accessories?

[Just a note to Lindsay: Hollywood does not like their starlets to have anything less than perfect looking breasts in nude scenes , and if that’s what you’re being offered these days, you could be in trouble if your breasts begin to sag!]

Happily my last blog “10 ways to preserve your bustline”, has some useful tips on how to combat the ‘sag’,



Images from: Top 10 celebrity wardrobe malfunctions – from star boobs to naked sporting mishaps | and Pictures Celebrities without their bra – TC Magazine




  • allen

    Nah they dont have to if they dont want to!@

  • admin

    Hi Allen, thanks for your thoughts! 😛

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