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12 Inspiring Gift Ideas

12 Inspirational Gift Ideas

The end of December is one of my favourite times of year, when my family and friends unite to share in each other’s company and indulge in excessive caloric intake (without the guilt!). Holiday time can be overwhelming for many of us, and makes it harder to think of ideas for the lovely people on our list. Here’s a little inspiration for you – take a look at some of my top gift ideas for the holidays – or anytime.

For the Artist or Creative Soul: Uniqueness is a key aspect for creative people, who are always looking for things that stand out and mean something. Many novelty shops (so-called for good reason) carry items that are difficult to find, like specially crafted alarm clocks, comical figurines, farcical books, abstract framed art and other interesting gizmos.

Cranium Board Game

Cranium Board Game

For the Fun-Loving Social Butterfly: Always the center of attention, the Social Butterfly usually brings the fun with them wherever they go. Make this even easier for them by giving them a game! Go for a nostalgic vibe by offering a game you have played together in the past (e.g. Trouble, Sorry!, Monopoly) for a more personal touch, or get them a great game they can play in groups at get-togethers (like Jenga, Cranium or Headbandz). The added bonus is getting to play the game with everyone when the unwrapping is done!

For the Amazing Adventurer: Living on the edge, adventurers seek action, excitement and challenge. Offer them a package or excursion for skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, horseback riding, scuba diving, white water rafting or an equally enthralling activity, or even a piece of equipment to help them with an activity they already pursue.

Decadence Satin Pant with Lace by Blush

For the Fashionista: Never one to settle for anything less than stylish, the fashionista will expect a gift that speaks to her personal tastes. A big no-no is to give the gift of clothing to someone you don’t know well – it may not be their style (or size) and will end up at the back of their closet or in a Goodwill bag come spring cleaning. Opt for accessories, like matching gloves, a hat and scarf set, or maybe a subscription to their favorite fashion or beauty magazine. For a girlfriend or your sister, a pajama set, nightgown or robe/kimono is a nice offering that evokes positive feelings of comfort. No matter what, always keep the receipt! Some fashionistas tend to have a flair for being a little picky…

For the Tech Junkie: If you don’t know the technological lingo well enough, you’re better off with a gift card to a local tech store or Best Buy, so they can choose from an array of equipment (e.g. Laptops, DVD players, etc.) and electronic accessories with the specifications that they want or need.

Rubiks Cube iPod Speaker

For the Musical Maverick: Offer some credits on I-Tunes, a funky headset or pair of headphones, tickets to an upcoming concert, musical, or show, or a T-shirt of their favorite rock or pop star or band. I also love reading biographies of certain musicians – these books are impressive and encouraging too, especially for young and budding musicians. Or get them a little something that’s a spin on the traditional, like this Rubik’s Cube iPod speaker.


Homemade Cookie Treat

Homemade Cookie Treat

For the Mother-in-Law: Relationships between mothers-in-law vary extensively and may fluctuate between degrees of closeness throughout the year. I’d stay away from anything too personal (undergarments are usually a no, unless you have that kind of relationship). A nice idea is a comfortable robe with a pair of plush slippers – outerwear that’s cozy and thoughtful. Specialty or gourmet items like ice wine, imported coffee, pure maple syrup or chocolate truffles are nice small gifts ideal for stocking stuffers (or a “Thanks for the Invite” gift). A winner every time? Something personally homemade and sweet like a beautiful jar of cookies (with the recipe included for future baking), preserves, or candies.

For the Science Fiend: By nature, scientists (and science lovers) enjoy learning and discovery. (One favorite childhood gift I received was a portable microscope set – I still love it.) If you know specifics about what they are interested in, get them a subscription to a science magazine they would enjoy, or a book about their topic of interest (e.g. Astronomy). You could also add to their rock collection or get them a nice coffee-table-style book with beautiful nature photos.

Ultimate NFL DVD

Ultimate NFL DVD


For the Sports Nut: Finding their favorite team paraphernalia is simple and classic – choose from a jersey or hat with the team logo on it, to various random items like mouse pads, laptop carrying cases, wallets, etc. Another great gift is a DVD movie of a moment in sports history (like reliving an epic Superbowl, Stanley Cup, NBA Final, etc.), or a biography of a particular sports legend or Hall of Famer (they also make for great stocking stuffers and secret gift exchange presents). 

For the Movie and TV Addict: It’s simple to purchase some movie passes to the cinema of choice, but these always make a nice stocking stuffer or easy gift exchange item. If you know the person’s movie collection and favorite actors well, offer a more specific gift of a collection of movies from that actor – add in a package of microwaveable popcorn as a humorous extra touch.

Hope this helps inspire you!  Share more gift ideas with us by commenting below, on Twitter (@nowthatslingeri) or our Facebook Page.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy & healthy Holiday season. Happy giving!


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