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So much of how we see lingerie advertised is geared towards young women – but what about the rest of women?

Well, in the last couple of years, advertising standards in lingerie have changed. Advertisements are now featuring older women wearing lingerie- but is that enough?

This JD Williams ad focused on the beauty of older women | Via Her

As an aging woman, it feels good to represented in lingerie because no matter your age, you wear lingerie. But as you age, your body changes. Not all women think that’s a good thing, but it totally is! You just need to know how to find lingerie for the body you have and find a way to be confident in yourself. There’s a misconception that old doesn’t equal sexy – but older equals wisdom, and wisdom is so sexy!

As women get older, they also may not feel like lingerie is that important. This could be because of the old ideals that lingerie is for someone else – like your partner. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and as we become older, we’re often more self-assured than we realize. It’s important to do things that make YOU happy, including choosing lingerie that fits, makes you feel hot, and is completely chosen by you.

Nicola Griffin is a 59 year old model who was the oldest woman featured in Sports Illustrated. | Via Daily Mail

In order to find lingerie that makes you feel sexy and confident and comfortable as you get older, you need to know what your body is doing and shop the lingerie that supports your changes. It is totally possible to find this type of lingerie that feels as good as it looks. One of the most important aspects of your lingerie when you’re getting older is your size! You may need some extra support, and you won’t get that when you’re wearing the wrong size.

And no matter your size or shape, there is a style of lingerie that will make you look and feel amazing!

Here are some things to look for when shopping for lingerie that can address some common body insecurities.

High Waisted Underwear

Charlotte Satin High Waisted Brief by Parfait Lingerie

A good pair of high waisted panties can smooth your body out without digging in or sucking in, which you may not want. Plus, they are super sexy!

Padded Bras

This Is Not A Bra Underwire Contour With Satin Bra by Warner’s

You don’t need heavy padding, but you may like some to help round out your shape. Molded cups are your best friend in this case.

Balconette Bras

Night Bloom Allure Fashion Bra by Montelle Intimates

When you want to feel extra sexy, a balconette can help lift the breasts with a little cleavage. Some plunge bras or super push up bras may just make you look disproportionate.

High Apex Straps

Allure Plunge Padded Bra by MOD By Parfait

High apex straps can help create the look and feel of extra lift. These straps tend to be a little bit thicker than most, and look like very skinny, long triangles.

One of the most important lingerie tips we can give above all of this stuff is do not limit yourself to certain types of lingerie just because you’re aging. Wear that bright red lingerie set! Wear a thong sometimes! Age doesn’t equal boring lingerie! If it feels good and fits well, do it!

If you have any specific questions about how to dress your body with lingerie as it’s changing, you can leave a comment down below or ask our Bra Doctor!

What’s YOUR biggest insecurity about your body as you get older?

Let us know in the comments below!

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