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The heat this summer is getting really strong, meaning we have to get creative in order to cool down and enjoy the summer.

Unfortunately, for a lot of us who are still on the body positive journey, a lot of things can get in the way of us truly enjoying our summer. Join us in trying to get rid of this “summer body” idea that has stopped so many of us having fun in the sun!

Parfait Soft Padded Knotted Front Molded Underwire Bikini Top

The days of bikinis just being for one type of body, or one pieces being for another type of body, are long gone. Maybe you don’t want tan lines, or you feel like you are forced to cover up – if you want to rock that bikini, do it!

We have this idea that people are going to be staring at us on the beach or commenting on our Instagram photos. But honestly, you typically have to look really close at someone to notice the things we are so hung up about – you know, the dimples, the stretch marks, and the little extra skin. But guess what? No one really notices, or cares!

Two Piece Swimsuit by Mapale

Swimsuits are being designed to flatter and support a more diverse range of bodies, which is so amazing. The high waisted swimsuit, anyone? It’s by far super sexy without having to go out of your comfort zone, but helps you rock a look inspired by the bikini you might love so much. Literally EVERYONE looks good in a high waisted bottom.

Women’s Fitness Quantum Splice Power Flex Eco by Speedo

Some of us also feel like we need to cover our bodies in the summer, even when it isn’t ideal. The thought of wearing shorts can be a nightmare for some. There are also cute dresses with little straps or cropped tops that are much more comfortable on warmer days. It’s so sad that we feel like we should sacrifice our personal comfort just to avoid the stares (that are never there) or the thought that a little bit of cellulite isn’t acceptable. We all have it, so why are we ashamed of it? Nobody has airbrushed skin in real life, so let’s stop pretending we do!

Two Piece Swimsuit by Mapale

We’re not saying wear a string bikini if you’re just not into it. We’re just saying the beach is so fun, the pool is relaxing, and pants just are not comfortable during a heat wave. We don’t want anyone (including us) to sit on the sidelines this summer and watch others have fun. We’re all worried we don’t look good in our short shorts or swimsuits, but we all do! And what’s more; no one is looking! And the ones that are can probably only see you having fun and rocking it!

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Do you have any advice for anyone who has trouble in the summer embracing their own unique body?

Share it with us and our lingerie lovers in the comments below.

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